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Miniature Collector Magazine Index 2017

Artisan/Collection Stories

Baker, Betsey, “Naming a Village: Washington Captured in Moment from History (or Fiction),” p. 26, Sep
Benham, Jackie, “Windflower Manor: ‘It is About Hope, Survival and Beautiful Things,” p. 36, May
Betts, Marcia, “The 1888 House: Periodicals of the Era Supply Inspiration, Authenticity,” p. 16, Dec
Burns, Mary, and Myers, Anita, “Colony’s Quality Meats: Faithfully Reproduced Miniature Marks Store’s 10th Anniversary,” p. 30, May
Burruss, Carla, “Black History Month: A Father’s Legacy,” p. 28, Feb; “Black History Month: A Church With Meaning,” p. 30, Feb
Campbell, Connie, “Fairview: A 1950s-Era Ranch-Style House,” p. 18, Aug
Currie, Evelyn MD, “Black History Month: A Family Reunion,” p. 29, Feb
De Oca, Lynne Montes, “Ferd Sobol: An Encounter With Frank Lloyd Wright,” p. 20, Mar
Dillon, Joan, “Expanded Horizons: Miniatures Broaden Interests, Teach New Skill Sets,” p. 42, Jul
Doddroe, Sharon, “Michael Walton: A Small Career Change Translates into Big Success,” p. 22, Mar; “Savage & Sons: Shopping for Jewelry in 18th Century England at the KSB Miniatures Collection,” p. 18, Nov
Durkin, Carol, “The Weathervane Inn and Pub: Collection Gives Rise to Period Piece,” p. 44, Aug; “The Why Behind the Weathervanes,” p. 49, Aug; “Oriental Antique Shop: A Tapestry of Collectibles,” p. 22, Dec
Gray, Delia, “Black History Month: A Black Art History,” p. 32, Feb
Hackett-Morey, Polly, “Oro Werke (Oro Works), Orobr German Dollhouse Furniture,” p. 28, Apr
Hadden, Kelly, “A Family Affair: Decades Later, Father and Daughter Still Delight in Miniatures,” p. 30, Dec
Harrison, Stan, “Meet the IGMA Artisans for 2016: Miniaturist Recognized in Two Categories,” p. 24, Jan; “Meet the IGMA Fellows for 2016: Recipients Share Their Vision,” p. 27, Jan; “Durable Slate: Innovative Layering Process Lightens the Load (John Parfitt),” p. 18, Feb; “Pudding Hill: Allgone Family Finally Finds a New Home (Jeannine Galenkamp),” p. 40, Feb; “Pete and Pam Boorum: Shaker and Early American Century Furniture in Full and 1:12 Scale,” p. 18, Mar; “The Balvenie: A Pub in True Scottish Tradition (Kathy Opdycke),” p. 30, Mar; “Noah’s Ark: When People See It, That’s Their Favorite,” p. 40, May; “Lolo Pass Mountain Home: Project Takes Skills to New Heights (Dolly and Mike Clarizio),” p. 14, Jun; “Jo-Ann Shaw: Love of Horses Spurred Her Interest,” p. 20, Jun; “Pat Tyler: Ralph Lauren Inspires Her Designs,” p. 26, Jun; “Visions of Paradise: Architectural Style Recalls Life in Mexico (Richard Korf),” p. 30, Jun; “A Whimsical World: Crafter Channels Her Talents Into Miniatures (Sue Satterlee),” p. 40, Jun; “The Source Reports: Historical Authenticity Gets Brought Up to Date (Ed Mabe and Eve Karoblis-Mabe),” p. 22, Jul; “Avid Antiquer: Furniture Fulfills Mario Messina’s Passion for Woodwork,” p. 36, Jul; “’Selfies’ in Miniature: Take Up Residence Inside Your Dollhouse,” p. 23, Aug; “Scaling Down the Past: Lauren Jorelle’s ‘Natural History Museum of Whimsy,’” p. 28, Aug; “Alma’s Farm Road: Collection Becomes Part of Museum’s 1910-Era Kentucky Town (Alma Kiss),” p. 18, Sep; “Conquering a Castle: Twas the Space That Didst Expand (Joan Dillon),” p. 16, Oct; “Miniature Masterpieces: Betsey Bradley’s Paintings Reflect Realism,” p. 24, Dec
Heller, Lorraine, “A Lifelong Adventure: Passion for Miniatures Spurs Travels on Three Continents,” p. 22, Nov
Henderson, Sylvia, “Scratch-Built Cabin Conversion: Pioneering a 1:24 Plan to 1:12 Scale,” p. 28, Sep “Hobby Builders’ 2016 Creatin’ Contest Winners,” p. 34, Sep
Hoffman, Romaine, “Nifty 50s: Bringing Back Simplistic, Fun Times,” p. 48, Oct
Lauson, Judy, “Milton’s Barber Shoppe: A Slice of Life from the 1920s,” p. 12, Mar
Lee, Rhona T., “European Kitchens in a Cupboard: Tuscan Kitchen Cabinet,” p. 21, Apr
McCallie, Janet, “Enter Mr. Poldark: Creating a Family Legacy,” p. 24, Apr
Milani, Marjorie, “Grandma’s Kitchen,” p. 23, Apr
Miller, Lynn, “Jasmin’s Cupcakes,” p. 22, Apr
Norpell, Thomas, “A Miniature for President Carter: Earl Carter Grocery Faithfully Reproduced in 1:8 Scale,” p. 42, Jan “Perfection in Miniature Awards 2017: In Association with the 2017 Kensington Dollshouse Festival,” p. 33, Nov
Rountree, Sylvia, “Sylvia Rountree: ‘Everything I Make Has a Place in History,” p. 23, Jun
Sanderson, Beckie, “Frank Lloyd Wright: From the Ground Up in 1/8” Scale,” p. 40, Apr
Sauve, Connie, “European Kitchens in a Cupboard: The Ruffled Rooster,” p. 18, Apr
Santilli, Susan, “My Favorite Place: Lee Lefkowitz Explores Bedroom Styles,” p. 14, May
Smith, Anne Day, “Fruits of the Loom: Textile Designer Bonni Backe Wove Her Way Into Miniatures,” p. 18, Jan; “A Gift for Greenery: Pia Becker’s Talent Rooted in Childhood Dollhouse,” p. 20, May; “Flowers, Food … and More: Marge Sauter Ventures into Many Mediums,” p. 24, Jul; “A World of Color: Kari Bloom’s Eclectic Designs Captivate,” p. 46, Nov
Smith, Ron, “A 60s-Era Roombox,” p. 31, Apr
Stewart, Jo Moore, “Peacock House,” p. 28, Jan; “Scalamandre Rooms: A Design of a Different Stripe,” p. 36, Nov
Taylor, Linda S, “Legacy of Excellence: Barbara Marshall: Patron of Fine-Scale Miniatures,” p. 29, Jul
Wang, Gail, “Sara Rothé’s Dollhouse: A Glimpse of Life in the 1700s,” p. 24, May; “Outdoor Miniature Parks: See Landmarks of the World in Scale,” p. 34, Aug; “Petronella Oortman’s Dollhouse,” p. 10, Oct
Young, Linda, “Cirque Du Jardin: Fanciful Characters Find a Phenomenal Home,” p. 12, Feb

Grant Zahajko Auctions LLC, p. 16, Nov; p. 14, Dec
Greenwich Auction, p. 16, Sep; p. 8, Oct
J. Levine Auction & Appraisal, p. 17, Nov
Leslie Hindman Auctioneers, p. 12, Jun; p. 10 Jul; p. 16, Aug
Morphy Auctions, p. 11, Feb
Paint & Patina, p. 10, Feb
Rhoads, Ron, p. 10, Jan
Theriault’s, p. 10, Mar; p. 16, Apr; p. 12, May
Book Review
Calvo, Janet, “The Gardening in Miniature Prop Shop,” p. 6, Oct
Muncaster, Harriet, “The Biggest Smallest Christmas Present,” p. 56, Jan
Off, Robert, “Miniature Rooms,” p. 9, Feb
Payne, John, “Designing to Decorating: A Step by Step Guide to Creating Beautiful Rooms,” p. 4, Dec
Rijgersberg, Vera, “One of a Kind,” p. 37, Mar
Club Fanfare
Biermann, Renee, “Omaha-Council Bluffs Miniature Guild: Members Give Back to Community,” p. 32, Jan
Ferkinhoff, Dave, “Simply Small: Small Club Enjoys Doing Small Things,” p. 46, Apr
Harrison, Stan, “Dollhouse Toys n’ Us: Collectors’ Club Focuses on Plastic and More,” p. 57, May; “Sunshine Cost Doll, Bear, Craft and Miniatures Club: Group is Big on Charity,” p. 44, Nov
Jones, Brandaen, “Miniature World of Central Florida: Club Celebrates 40th Anniversary,” p. 34, Jul
Manning, Peggy, “Shrunken Treasures: Members Again Readying Mansion for Display,” p. 32, Sep
Sanderson, Virginia Chase, “Midwest Miniature Guild: Busy Group Takes Full Advantage of Three Meetings a Year,” p. 25, Feb
Dillon, Joan, p. 48, Jul
Galenkamp, Jeannine; Sedate, Jayne; Hodgson, George; and Syadristy, Mykola, p. 38, Mar
Kiss, Alma, “Alma’s Farm Road,” p. 48, Sep
Lefkowitz, Lee (Santilli, Susan), p. 46, Jun
Pruzan, Carole, p. 50, Nov
Sedate, Jayne, p. 48, Jan
Wilkinson, Mariana, p. 48, Apr
Wang, Gail, “Sara Rothé’s Dollhouse,” p. 42, May; “Outdoor Miniature Parks,” p. 50, Aug; “Petronella Oortman’s Dollhouse” (Rijksmuseum Amsterdam), p. 50, Oct Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library, Nancy B. McDaniel’s dollhouse, p. 46, Dec Young, Linda, “Cirque Du Jardin,” p. 46, Feb
Heart of Miniatures
Bowen, Rosemary, “A Brewood Manor Christmas,” p. 60, Jan
Cooley, Stephanie, “Clock Case Rekindles Her Miniatures Flame,” p. 60, Jul
De Kraker, Elly, “‘Backwards’ Mouse House Project Filled with Mischief,” p. 60, Aug
Hines, Lois, “A Dollhouse from a Radio Cabinet,” p. 61, May
Kittlety, June, “My Internet Journey,” p. 36
Harrison, Stan (from Nikolai, Amy), “A Gift and a Fundraiser for a Girl Suffering from Leukemia (Olivia LoRusso),” p. 60, Jun
Pruzan, Carole, “Miniature Vignettes Encourage Children to Read,” p. 54, Dec
Rissler, Walter, “Their Enthusiasm for Miniatures is Mutual,” p. 60, Sep
Sanderson, Virginia Chase, “Door Prize Goes to Shelter for Women, Children,” p. 60, Feb
Segrest, Dorothy, “Memory Garden 2015,” p. 61, Apr
Wilkes, Barbara J., “A Dollhouse Legacy,” p. 58, Nov
How Tos
Bigelow, Connie (CJN Miniatures), “Scented Candles,” p. 58, Jun
Creasey, Maria, “Under Dome Art,” p. 39, Dec
Jorelle, Lauren, “Make a Whimsical Mask,” p. 32, Aug
Messina, Mario, “Make a Colonial Wall Box,” p. 40, Jul
Rullie, Jeanne, “Make a Pinocchio-Style Puppet,” p. 34, Dec
Tyler, Pat (Patricia Tyler-Griffis), “Non-Opening Leather Luggage,” p. 28, Jun
Zerbolio, D.J.; Cousins, O.T., and Larsen, D.W., “Flickering Fireplace: Create a Realistic Fire-like Effect,” p. 26, Mar
Kids’ Corner
Bailey, Kathleen D., “Table Lamp,” p. 59, Apr
Campbell, Connie and Ambria, “Rainy-Day Umbrella,” p. 58, Aug
Drewes, Cristin, “Have a Fairy Party!” p. 58, Sep; “Holiday Wreath,” p. 60, Dec
Heaton, Kathryn, “Pencils in a Pencil Holder,” p. 59, Feb; “Tiffany-Style Lamp,” p. 56, May
Jarvis, Nanci, “Candy Bars with Container,” p. 94, Mar; “Ice Skate Plaque,” p. 59, Jun
Quillen, Terrilynn Fox, “Mini Brushes,” p. 61, Jan; “Wicker-Look Chaise Lounge,” p. 59, Jul; “Halloween Hobby Horse,” p. 58, Oct; “Captain’s Telescope,” p. 60, Nov
Concord Museum, “The Art and Mystery of the Dollhouse: Exhibit Features Rare Antiques,” p. 12, Jan
Frans Hals Museum, “Sara Rothé’s Dollhouse: A Glimpse of Life in the 1700s,” p. 24, May
Harrison, Stan, “Panorama of the City of New York: Big Apple Displayed in Bite Size (Queens Museum),” p. 45, Oct; “18-Room Masterpiece: Nancy McDaniel’s Mansion Joins Museum Collection,” p. 40, Dec
Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, “Petronella Oortman’s Dollhouse,” p. 10, p. 50, Oct
Out of the Way Finds
Durkin, Carol, “… in Peru,” p. 17, Jan
Forsstrom, Joane, “… in Switzerland,” p. 39, Sep
Bigelow, Connie, “CJN Miniatures,” p. 56, Jun
Harrison, Stan, “Tiny Doll House (Leslie Edelman),” p. 24, Mar; “Dollhouse Dreams,” p. 40, Aug; “Auntie Em’s (Tish Ballengee),” p. 20, Oct; “Dollhouses, Trains & More,” p. 37, Dec
Showtime Reports
Harrison, Stan, “Philadelphia Miniaturia 2017,” p. 32, Jun; “2017 Chicago International,” p. 40, Sep
Jones, Barbara, “2016 Good Sam Showcase of Miniatures,” p. 34, Feb
Reese, Dawn, “Kensington Dollshouse Festival Summer Show 2017: 174 Dealers from Near and Far Showcase Their Works,” p. 28, Nov
Submit and be Seen
“Boo!” p. 22, Oct
“Expressions of Faith and Inspiration,” p. 36, Jan
“In the Garage,” p. 32, Apr
“Music Rooms,” p. 20, Feb
“School Days,” p. 38, Nov
“Summer Cottages,” p. 12, Jul
Through the Looking Glass
Baker, Betsey, “Alice and the White Knight,” p. 66, Aug
Bevilacqua, Jo, “Dragon Fire,” p. 66, Dec
Crain, Laura, “Ladies’ Dressing Table,” p. 66, Sep
Fraser, Penny, “Witch’s Bicycle,” p. 70, Oct
Groetsch, Priska, “Tudor-Era Doll,” p. 66, May
Hamilton, Lilli Ann, “French-Style Memory Cabinet,” p. 66, Nov
Kimbro, Janice, “Fairy Birdhouse,” p. 66, Jun
Markowitz, MaryEllen, “Fortune Teller and Booth,” p. 66, Jan
McCarty, Bridget, “Christmas Sleigh,” p. 66, Jul
Peterson, Frances, “The Kashmir,” p. 66, Apr
Tepper, Brian and Kathy, “The Gypsy,” p. 66, Feb
Young, Linda, “Cirque Du Jardin Character (Ellen Poitras),” p. 98, Mar
Derr, Brenda, “Dollhouse Kit Building Tips,” p. 43, Aug
2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009
2008 2007 2006 2003-2005 2000-2002 1997-1999 1993-1996

Miniature Collector Magazine Index 2016

Artisan/Collection Stories

Andell, Titti, “Ekeborg Manor,” p. 26, Feb
BeMiller, Sheila, “The Chessington Plaza: Towering Apartment Dwelling Takes a Rocky Road,” p. 42, Dec
Bevilacqua, Jo, “Jo Bevilacqua Does Steampunk: Captain Nemo aand his Time Machine Find a Home,” p. 32, Dec
Campbell, Connie, “Livingston: A Modern-Era House,” p. 16, Apr
Cox, Patricia, “Amberley Mansion: An 1800s House for All Seasons,” p. 40, Feb
Doddroe, Sharon, “Janet Middlebrook: To Have and to Hold,” p. 31, Feb; “Passion, Glory and Gold Leaf: A Behind-the-Scenes Tour of Catherine Palace,” p. 10, Oct
Driftmyer, Paula Setters, “The Red Shed: A Private Sanctuary for the Woman of the House,” p. 24, May
Durkin, Carol, “The Family Lake House,” p. 12, Jan; “The Rescued Dollhouse,” p. 24, Dec
Frost, Pat, “Good Enough to Live In,” p. 28, Jan
Garrison, MariLu, “Dale Chimel: Following Her Dreams in Perfected Miniatures,” p. 12, Feb
“Hallmark Ornament Contest Winners: NAME Members Get Creative,” p. 43, May
Harrison, Stan, “Spanning the Generations: ‘Nana’ Passes Along Her Love of Miniatures,” p. 26, Apr; “Kristi Norman: There’s No Place Like a Home,” p. 44, Apr; “Meet the IGMA Artisans for 2015: Honorees Share Their Inspiration,” Pia Becker, Peggy Meyers, Pat Kasell, Lorraine Thomson, Sherri MacRaild, Michael Yurkovic, Mario Sergio Ramos Pastrana, Julie Parrott, Elizabeth E. Winters, Barbara Studebaker, Jasmine Blanche Woodbury, p. 48 Apr; “Seaclusion: A Garage Kit is Transformed into a Boathouse With Cottage – MaryEllen Markowitz,” p. 18, May; “Meet the IGMA Fellows of 2015: Recipients Share Their Vision,” Carolyn Mohler Kraft, Mariella Vitale, Erzsebet Bodzas, Kellie Wachter, Patricia Richards, p. 40, May; “(Cristin Drewes) The Pink Pelican,” p. 42, Jul; “(Jeanne Rullie) Faces with Feeling: Dolls Captivate with Expressions, Body Language,” p. 18, Aug; “(Amy Nikolai) The ‘Now’ Look: Contemporary Style Puts Minis in the Present,” p. 22, Sep; “A Clear View: Acrylic Allows Multiple Options for Display,” p. 36, Sep; “Period Furniture: Old Techniques, Materials Produce Authentic Look (Raffaele Tiozzo),” p. 20, Oct; “Kitchen Encounters: Metalworking Tradition Manifests Itself in Appliances (TYA Kitchen – Yokio Kawai),” p. 20, Nov; “Kitchen Encounters: Engineer Puts Talents to Work in Miniature (Dorota Mateusiak),” p. 24, Nov; “The Solarium: Project Utilizes Skills with Metal, Stained Glass (Judie Pollard),” p. 34, Nov; “French Classic Styling: Livable Interiors Radiate ‘Atmosphere, Class, Exclusivity (Vera Rijgersberg),’” p. 27, Dec; “Farewell, Smallsea: Edwardian Metropolis Ending Eight-Year Run,” p. 38, Dec; “Fit for a Prince: Young Royal Takes Center Stage (Jo Moore Stewart),” p. 39, Dec
“Ho! Ho! Ho!” Jeanne Rullie, Sylvia Mobley, Joann Crippen, Elle Piccolo-West, Fern Vasi, p. 16, Dec
“Hobby Builders’ 2015 Creatin’ Contest Winners,” p. 16, Jul
Hontert, Ruth, “My Tea Room: A Memory Box,” p. 26, Jan
Juhl, Donna, “The Lucky Draw,” p. 44, Jan
Lee, Rhona T., “The Magic of Seville,” p. 20, Mar; “Window Shopping: A NAME Day Project,” p. 28, Mar; “The Dreamer’s Trunk: Children’s Author Inspires Magical Project,” p. 40, Nov
Larson, Jim, “Indian Summer: Pure Play and Raw Imagination,” p. 28, Jul
Lawrence, Catherine, “Tin Litho Supermarket,” p. 23, Oct
Norman, Kristie, “Heather’s ‘Love Thy Cottage,’” p. 38, Aug
“Perfection in Miniature Awards: In Association With the 2016 Kensington Dollshouse Festival,” p. 32, Nov
Sauve, Connie, “The Fox and the Henhouse,” p. 12, Mar
Sedate, Jayne, “La Maison de Grandes Reves,” p. 14, Jun; “Growing a Miniature Collection: Sometimes it Takes a New Room to Make Room,” p. 26, Aug
Sligh, JP, “I Love Lucy,” p. 34, Jun; “The Gypsy Wagon,” p. 18, Sep
Smith, Anne Day, “It is All Right for Elizabeth Gazmuri,” p. 16, Jan; “Cristina Minischetti,” p. 37, Jan; “A Passion for Wildlife and Art,” p. 32 Mar; “Far East Roots, Western Style: Japan’s Kazuko Nakamura Shares Flare for Furniture,” p. 16, Oct
Staring-Egberts, Henny, “An 18th Century Jewel Chest: Collaborative Piece Combines Porcelain and Silver,” p. 28, Oct
Walker, Debbie, “The Victorian House That Found Me: High-End Structure Gets New Home, New Life,” p. 48, Oct
Waltz-Umerley, Joyce, “Down the Rabbit Hole: An Adventure in Wonderland,” p. 12, Aug
Wilkinson, Mariana, “The Stick-Eastlake Project: 1890s House Reflects Transitional Period in Styles,” p. 42, Sep
Zigler, Laurel, “The Quilting Frame: Except for a Wire Latch Peg, it’s an Exact Replica—Right Down to the Screw Holes,” p. 40, Aug
Zinn, Alice, “The Flamingo Palm: An Homage to ‘Piano Man’ by Songwriter/Singer Billy Joel,” p. 44, May

McMasters Harris, p. 10, Feb; p. 10, Mar; p. 14, Apr; p. 16, Sep
Rhoads, Ron, p. 18, Nov; p. 14, Dec
Skinner, p. 16, May; p. 8, Oct
Theriault, p. 10, Jan; p. 10 Jun; p. 14, Jul; p. 10, Aug
Center Insert
Heydenberk, Shannon, “Miniature Collector Covers,” p. 34, Jan
Heydenberk, Shannon, “Scott Publications Covers,” p. 35, Jan
Club Fanfare
Grigaliunas, Karen, “Spokane Miniature Society: Reaching Out Across the Northwestern States,” p. 42, Aug
Hopwood, Leslie, “San Diego Miniature Crafters: Dedicated to the Community,” p. 36, Mar
Rush, Carol J., “Small World Miniature Club: Active Group is Big on Sharing Hobby, Fun,” p. 24, Oct
Scheer, Monica, “ACT Miniature Enthusiasts: Australian Club Keeps Full Calendar,” p. 52, Jun
Waltz-Umerley, Joyce, “Welcome to Wonderland! From the Cleveland Miniaturia Society,” p. 38, Jun
Beshenkovsky, Natasha; Prime, Elizabeth Johnston, p. 40, Mar
Bevilacqua, Jo; Lawrence, Catherine, p. 50, May
Carlsson, Jon, Bard Graduate Center Gallery, p. 46, Jan
Catherine Palace, Kentucky Gateway Museum Center, p. 48, Dec
Lawrence, Catherine, p. 40, Apr
Lawrence, Catherine; Cox, Patricia; Andell, Titti, p. 46, Feb
Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures, The (Lori Nix, Kathleen Gerber, Kendal Murray, Dante Brebner, Daisy Tainton, Matthew Albanese), p. 52, Oct.
Morris, W.J. “Windy,” Museum of International Folk Art, “The Morris Miniature Circus,” p. 50, Sep
Musee Miniature et Cinema, p. 46, Jul; p. 46, Aug
Sedate, Jayne, p. 44, Jun; p. 50, Nov
Heart of Miniatures
Abernathy, Winnie, “The Lost Pet and Grooming Shop,” p. 52, Feb
Barchanowitz-Goldberg, Shelley, p. 58, Jan
Durkin, Carol, “A Lasting Gift for Baby,” p. 59, Nov
Francis, Paula, p. 60, Apr
Hall, Kathy, “RVers for Charity: Crafters’ Winter Projects Benefit Community Children,” p. 52, Aug
Hardy, Karen, p. 56, Jun
Kerns, Susan, “A Home for the Holidays,” p. 58, Dec
Klock, Jackie, “In Memory of a Friend,” p. 60, Oct
Newland, Patricia, “A Six-Generation Home,” p. 54, May
Waters, Nancy, “Childhood Memories of the Farm,” p. 56, Sep
Zigler, Laurel, “A Porch from a Simpler Time,” p. 54, Jul
Chimel, Dale, “How to Make the Perfect Miniature Pillow 1:12 Scale,” p. 16, Feb
Dubois, Ruth (Forever Friends Dollhouses and Miniatures), “Decorative Holder for Gift Wrap or Fabric Rolls,” p. 45, Nov
Miller, Patricia, “Create a Romantic Canopy Bed,” p. 34, Jul
Richards, D. L., of My Doll House, Inc., “Farm to Market Bicycle,” p. 17, Aug
Rullie, Jeanne, “Make a Miniature Sword,” p. 24, Aug
Sauve, Connie, “Thatching 101,” p. 16
Zerbolio, Dominic J., “Lighting a Miniature in a Gift Bag: Portable Panel Can Fit on Multiple Projects,” p. 14, Aug; “Lighting Older Creations with LEDs: Make a Device That Ties In To 12-Volt AC Systems,” p. 45, Oct
Zinn, Alice, “Clamshell Fast-Food Containers,” “Tissue Paper Printies,” p. 48, May
Kids' Corner
Campbell, Connie and Ambria, “Milk and Cookies for Santa,” p. 60, Dec
Drewes, Cristin, “Decorative Bookends,” p. 60, Sep
Heaton, Kathryn, “Miniature Potted Plant,” p. 61, May
Nelson, Kathy, “Vanity Stool,” p. 61, Jan
Opdycke, Katherine, “Twine Rope Kindling Basket,” p. 92, Mar
Quillen, Terrilynn Fox, “Miniature Patio Set,” p. 60, Feb; “‘Musical’ Mini with a Latin Beat!” p. 59, Apr; “Maracas and a Rainmaker,” p. 61, Aug; “Bacon and Griddle,” p. 58, Oct; “Antique-Style Washboard,” p. 60, Nov
Zigler, Laurel, “Comfy Casual Footwear,” p. 60, Jul
Zigler, Laurel; McIntosh, Anita, “Baby Play Toy for Miniature Babies,” p. 61, Jun
Filar, Emma, “Small Stories: At Home in a Dollhouse – Exhibit of Historic Houses Provides Journey Through History,” p. 32, May
Shop Talk
Harrison, Stan, “Earth & Tree Dollhouses and Miniatures,” p. 39, Sep; “Forever Friends Dollhouses and Miniatures,” p. 43, Nov
Kavulich, John, “Niagara Hobby & Craft Mart,” p. 54, Jan
Richards, D.L., “My Doll House, Inc.” p. 31, Jul
Showtime Reports
“2016 Chicago International,” p. 28, Aug
Bennett, Pat, “2016 Seattle Miniature Show,” p. 28, Sep
Carter, Darlene, “The St. Louis Dollhouse and Miniature Show,” p. 30, May
Harrison, Stan, “Philadelphia Miniaturia Show 2015,” p. 26, Jun; “People’s Choice Winners,” p. 32, Jun
Jones, Barbara, “2015 Good Sam Showcase of Miniatures,” p. 34, Feb
Moore, Shannon, “Orlando Miniaturia,” p. 40, Jan
Muckleroy, Dani, “Texas Miniature Showcase 2016,” p. 26, Nov
Submit and be Seen
“Baby Rooms,” p. 22, Mar
“Farms and Barns,” p. 18, Feb
“Get Fit Rooms,” p. 22, Apr
“Hobby Rooms!” p. 18 Jun
“Miniaturists Know ‘Party!’” p. 18, Jan
“Not Quite Finished,” p. 26, May
“Pets at Home,” p. 22, Jul
“Sci-Fi Fantasy,” p. 46, Nov
Through the Looking Glass
Andell, Titti, “Flowers in a French Limoges Vase,” p. 98, Mar
Bevilacqua, Jo, “Bronze Goddess,” p. 66, Dec
Campbell, Julie, “The Mad Hatter’s Work of Art,” p. 66, Feb
Crain, Laura, “Spring Has Arrived,” p. 66, Nov
Lindquist, Jeannie, “Old Fashioned Hollyhocks with an Old Picket Fence,” p. 66, Jul
Markowitz, MaryEllen, “Country French Cabinet,” p. 66, May
Middlebrook, Janet, “Wedding Gown,” p. 66, Apr
Reynolds, Michael, “The Concert,” p. 66, Aug
Roberts, JoAnne, “Victorian Lady in a Shoe,” p. 66, Jan
Scott’s Lighting, “Food Stand,” p. 66, Sep
Stewart, Jo Moore, “Swings,” p. 66, Jun
Thomson, Penny, “Tree House With Fairy,” p. 70, Oct
Drewes, Cristin, “Tips,” p. 45, Jul
Earth & Tree Dollhouses and Miniatures, “Order of Dollhouse Assembly,” “Glue Recommendations,” p. 41, Sep
Rijgersberg, Vera, “Vera Rijgersberg’s Top 5 Tips,” p. 31, Dec
Niagara Hobby & Craft Mart, “Tips,” p. 55, Jan
Norman, Kristi, “Tips,” p. 47, Apr
Quillen, Terrilynn Fox, “Mini Tips ‘n’ Tricks,” p. 61, Jan
2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009
2008 2007 2006 2003-2005 2000-2002 1997-1999 1993-1996

Miniature Collector Magazine Index 2015

Artisan/Collection Stories

Ann, Anonymous, “Dollhouse Delivery Angels,” p. 30, Jan
Betterley, Robin, “Dinner to Designing,” p. 15, Feb
Birnberg, Diane, “The Commonwealth Bank of Smallsea,” p. 46, Dec
Bitetto, Irma, “A Victorian Cupcake,” p. 16, Dec
Bryant, Ginger, “Ginger Bryant’s Penny Arcade,” p. 31, Mar
Bryden, Rebecca Grant, “Spencer’s Grill: History, Memory and Whimsy,” p. 16, Apr
Campbell, Connie, “Halli’s House,” p. 92, Mar; “South Shores,” p. 22, Dec
Clifton, Sherry, “For My Big Brother: Re-Creating Lakin, Kansas, Circa 1947,” p. 28, Jun
Cooper, Lloyd D., “The Munster’s Kitchen,” p. 40, Feb
“Dazzling Lights,” p. 20, Oct
Doddroe, Sharon, “A Winning Combination,” p. 46, May
Durkin, Carol, “Bliss Furniture,” p. 27, Aug
Erickson, Cynthia, “Letting Variety Lead,” p. 32, Jan; “Laurie Sisson: A Doll Person,” p. 28, Aug
Ersery, Judy Garbin, “The History of One Pickett Hill,” p. 12, Feb
Fiddick, Jane, “Rowan Lodge,” p. 36, Jun
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Out of the Way Finds
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Submit and be Seen
“Dirty, Messy, Lived-in Spaces,” p. 34, Mar
“Kitchens,” p. 22, Jan
“More Kitchens,” p. 16, Feb
“One Real and One Replica,” p. 32, Aug
“One Real and One Replica, Part 2” p. 20, Nov
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“Weddings: Brides and Boutiques, Part 2,” p. 42, Jul
Through the Looking Glass
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Miniature Collector Magazine Index 2014

Artisan/Collection Stories

Aardema, Barb, “John Duff’s Class Work,” p. 18, Feb
Baker, Betsey, “Storytelling Top to Bottom,” p. 28, Aug
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Nash, Diane, Homestead in Cricklade: A Memory Piece,” p. 28, Jul
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Brunk Auctions, p. 8, Feb
Eileen Rhoads, p. 14, Mar; p. 16, Apr; p. 16, May
Leslie Hindman, p. 16, Nov; p. 14, Dec
McMasters Harris, p. 12, Jun
Theriault’s, p. 14, Jul; p. 16, Sep
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Center Insert
“Holiday Cards in Miniature,” p. 31, Dec
Club Fanfare
Campbell, Retta, and Breen, Rose, “Monday Minis Who Meet on Tuesdays, Pittsburg,” p. 59, Sep
Elwood, Mary Anne, “Miniature World of Central Florida,” p. 46, Apr
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Heart of Miniatures
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Kids' Corner
Bailey, Kathleen D., “Bead Chandelier,” p. 9, Oct
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Out of the Way Finds
Newenschwander, Stan, “In China,” p. 28, Apr
Newenschwander, Stan, “In the Mediterranean,” p. 29, Apr
Sharratt, Susan, “In Israel,” p. 33, Dec
Shop Talk
Casette, Angela, “Cosediunaltro Mondo,” p. 39, Mar
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Showtime Reports
2013 Chicago International, “Animals, Animals Everywhere,” p. 36, Apr
“Chicago International 2014,” p. 34, Aug
Cromwell, Molly, “Sarasota Dollhouse Miniatures Festival,” p. 40, Jun
Jones, Barbara, and Walter, Kim, “2013 Good Sam Show & Academy,” p. 22, Feb
Muckleroy, Dani, “Texas Miniature Show 2014,” p. 32, Nov
“Philadelphia Miniaturia 2013,” p. 30, Apr
Submit and be Seen
“Bistro Kit Challenge,” p. 12, Jul
“Books, TV & Movie Scenes,” p. 24, Jun
“Contemporary Mini-Mania,” p. 16, Mar
“Creative Ways to Display Minis,” p. 40, Jan
“Favorite Class Projects,” p. 22, Oct
“Restaurants: Good Places for Good Food,” p. 10, Feb
“Steampunk!” p. 24, Aug
“Unusual Containers Become Homes,” p. 32, May
“U<3 LOL! (Laughing Out Loud)” p. 38, Sep
Through the Looking Glass
Alberti, Lillian, “Alice in Wonderland,” p. 66, Jun
Bevilacqua, Jo, “Peacock Tree,” p. 66, Jan
Crain, Laura, “A Day in the Garden,” p. 66, May
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Paul, Patricia, “Rust, Webs and more Tips from Patricia,” p. 35, Feb
Rogers, Rossi, Memories, Gifts and Antiques, “First Timer Tips,” p. 47, Aug
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Miniature Collector Magazine Index 2013

Artisan/Collection Stories

Aardema, Barb, “Elizabeth Hamilton’s House for a Tudor Family,” p. 18, Feb; “Off-Stage Views,” p. 18, Apr; “They’ll Leave the Light on For You,” p. 22, May; “Hephzibah House Replica,” p. 30, Sep; “A Dress for the Season,” p. 28, Oct; “Quarter-Scale Cases by Cascade Miniatures,” p. 42, Dec
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Olsen, Christine, “Coco Cucina: A Family Project,” p. 36, Nov
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Pruzan, Carole, “Tickle Your Funny Bone,” p. 52, Oct
Puff, Martha, “The Art of Faux with Bluette Meloney,” p. 22, Jan
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Sperin, Cynthia, “Fabulous Foods and Cottage-Style Design,” p. 18, July
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Leslie Hindman, p. 16, Nov; p. 14, Dec
McMasters Harris, p. 14, May; p. 12, Aug
Morphy’s, p. 10, Feb
Theriault’s, p. 12, Jan; p. 10, Oct.
Rhoads and Rhoads, p. 16, Mar; p. 16 Apr; p. 14, June; p. 14 July
Center Insert
Vintage Postcards, p. 43, Sep
Club Fanfare
Hanna-Carroll, Kelly, “Louisville Miniature Club,” p. 32, Apr
Johnson, Doreen, “Moncton Miniature & Doll Club,” p. 55, May
Muckleroy, Dani, “Dallas Area ‘Lunch Bunch,’” p. 34, Nov
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Heart of Miniatures
Abnernathy, Winnie, p. 60, Aug
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Kids' Corner
Jarvis, Nancy, “Tray of Treats,” p. 55, June; “Stocking Tray and Cheese Spreader,” p. 63, Dec
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Children’s Museum of Minneapolis, “Propylaeum Carriage House,” p. 23, Feb
Ralph Waldo Emerson Memorial House, “Emerson Baby House,” p. 22, Oct
Toy and Miniature Museum of Kansas City, “Boston Beacon Hill House at Toy and
Miniature Museum of Kansas City,” p. 34, May
Shop Talk
“In a Nutshell Miniatures,” p. 12, Feb
McManus, Debbie, “Lynlott Miniatures,” p. 40, Sep
“Miniature Cottage,” p. 44, July
Showtime Reports
“2012 Texas Miniature Showcase,” p. 40, Apr
“2013 Chicago International,” p. 32, Sep
Aardema, Barb, “Philadelphia Miniaturia 2012,” p. 26, June
Cromwell, Molly, “Travels With Molly: The Netherlands and Belgium,” p. 24, Feb “IGMA Show 2012,” p. 40, Jan
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Richards, Patricia, “2013 IGMA Show,” p. 32, Dec
Walden, Carolyn, “2012 Good Sam Showcase of Miniatures,” p. 28, May
Submit and be Seen
“Replicas and Tributes,” p. 26, Feb
“Scenes Using Dolls,” p. 36, July
“My Childhood Dollhouse,” p. 36, Aug
Through the Looking Glass
Aquarium, by Miyuki Kobayashi, p. 66, Feb
Calling All Telephone Operators, p. 74, Oct
Delectable Desserts, p. 66, Nov
Doll, by Whisper and a Wish, p. 114, Mar
Hansel and Gretel, by Cristina Caballero, p. 66, Jan
Honey, I Shrunk the Mom, by Joshua Band and Meredith Weston-Band, p. 66, June
Landing Bald Eagle, by Mary McGrath, p. 66, July
Peacocks, by Bridget McCarty, p. 66, May
Santas Wait All Year for Christmas, Joy Johnson, p. 66, Dec
To Love and to Cherish, by Linda Gawron, p. 66, Aug
Vignette, by Joy Johnson, p. 66, Apr
Vintage Clock Table with Books, by Rainbow Hand and Kathy, p. 66, Sep
In a Nutshell Miniatures, “Food Tips,” p. 13, Mar
Hawley, Kathleen, “Drinking Glass and Sconce,” p. 58, Apr
Juhl, Donna, How to Avoid Sticking an Envelope Closed, p. 57, Jan
Kennerly, Mary, “Flowers,” p. 58, Apr
McManus, Debbie, of Lynlott Miniatures, “Stair Treads and Ceiling Light Tips,” p. 42, Sep
Miniature Cottage, “How to Paint Miniature Pewter Pieces,” p. 45, July
Twaddell, Sophia, “Lesley Burgess: Tips for Working with FIMO,” p. 21, Oct Afternoon Tea, Cakes and So Much More,” p. 18, Oct
Qullen, Terri Lynn, “Beach Chair,” p. 58, Apr
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Miniature Collector Magazine Index 2012

Artisan/Collection Stories

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Greene, Marilyn, “My 1920s Dollhouse,” p. 14, May
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Miller, Patricia, “The Quest Continues,” p. 28, Nov
Palama, Gayle, “Wee Witch House,” p. 20, Oct
Powell, Marge, “Iris Nedza’s Dollhouse Stories,” p. 24, Jan
Rountree, Sylvia, “On Winning the Mell Prescott Award,” p. 30, Dec Rubin, D.E., “Colleen Moore’s Fairy Castle,” p. 37, Dec
Salter, Brenda, “What I Did Last Winter,” p. 26, Oct
Santovec, Mary Lou, “Playing With Illusion,” p. 18, Mar; “A Room from Versailles,” p. 36, Mar; “Sandra Manring’s Shifting Focus,” p. 26, Jun
Shehata, Diane Mulvey, “Irish Country Cottage,” p. 28, Sep
Studebaker, Barbara, “Chargers and Decorative Plates from Vintage Glass and Picture Buttons,” p. 26, Aug “Three Mini Theater Makers: Eric Hyrst, Arline Smith, Lance Cardinal,” p. 34, Jul
Twaddell, Sophia, “The Getzans: Wedded to Miniatures and Each Other,” p. 18, Feb; “Miniatures Architect: Bill McGuire,” p. 20, Feb; “California Dreaming: Sabine Jones Re-Creates Her Home,” p. 16, Aug; “Martha McClean: Contemporary Floral Design in Miniature,” p. 18, Oct;
Twaddell, Sophia, and Waltz-Umerley, Joyce, “Dollhouse Tea Party with a Twist,” p. 50, Oct
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Ziemba, Cookie, “Antwerp Cabinet House,” p. 20, Sep

Frasher’s, p. 12, Feb
Grimshaw, Susan, “At the Auction,” p. 30, Jun
Ivey-Selkirk Auctioneers, p. 15, Aug
John McInnis Auctioneers, p. 12, Nov
McMasters-Harris, p. 14, Jan; p. 14, Jul; p. 14, Aug
Northgate Gallery, p. 16, Dec
Ron Rhoads, p. 16, Apr; p. 18 Sep; p. 10 Oct
Skinner Galleries, p. 14, Jun
William Bunch Auctions and Appraisals, p. 10, May
William B. Meyers, Master Silversmith, p. 10, Mar
Center Insert
Potts, Lori Ann, and Matuschak, Georgia, “Sewing Cabinet Notions,” p. 31, Jun
“Scott Magazines & Needlework Book,” p. 35, May
Club Fanfare
Dukes, Vicki, “Magic of Miniatures,” p. 51, Jun
McCarty, Bridget, “Miniatures West,” p. 43, Aug
Ravenwood, Robert, “Minis in Paradise,” p. 49, Oct
Zinn, Alice, “The Camp,” p. 20, May
Jones, Sabine, p. 46, Aug
Landshof, Suzanne, p. 44, Jun
Lopez, Alica Guerra, p. 44, Nov
Mini-Time Machine Miniatures Museum, p. 96, Feb
Mulvany, Kevin, and Rogers, Susan, p. 48, Dec
Philadelphia Flower Show, p. 46, Jul
Philadelphia Miniaturia 2011, Ron’s Miniature Shop, p. 46, Mar
Roberts, Tom, p. 46, Jan
Sevellec, Jim, p. 40, Apr
Warren, Joan, p. 48, May
Whitledge, Ray, and Burgess, Scott, p. 46, Sep
Yinger, Jan; Sunstein, Carolyn; Siegel, Ginger Landon; Castoral, Jill; Shane, Nancy; p. 56, Oct
Heart of Miniatures
Abernathy, Winnie, p. 59, Nov
Cochran, Debbie Maday, p. 67, Oct
Henry, Sarah, p. 58, May
Joellen, p. 55, Jan
Jarvis, Nancy, p. 58, Jul
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Bryant, Ginger, “Turn Christmas Ribbon into Christmas Stockings,” p. 24, Dec
Cabana, France, Les Ateliers MenuArt, “Mini Penne,” p. 25, Apr
Dolls and Minis, “A Quick and Easy Window Box,” p. 45, Sep
Fairy Meadow Miniatures, “Make a Hat, Bonnet and Parasol,” p. 43, Jan.
Happily Ever After, “Trims Finish Your Dollhouse,” p. 39, Jul
Shop Talk: Miniaturas Unodoce, “Bathroom Caddy,” p. 36, Nov
Manning, Sandra, “Make Your Own Shabby Chic,” p. 29, Jun
Matuschak, Georgia, and Potts, Lori Ann, “Lady’s Sewing Secretary, Part 1,” p. 28, Mar; “Lady’s Sewing Secretary, Part 2,” p. 34, Apr
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Ron’s Miniature Shop, Bryant, Ginger, “Making Stone Facades,” p. 34, Feb
Kids' Corner
Jarvis, Nancy, “Cat Clock,” p. 57, May; “Sitting Pretty Pink Cake,” p. 59, Jun; “Stacked Christmas Sampler Packages,” p. 62, Dec
Johnson, Arla, “Eggs and Signs,” p. 56, Sep
McCarty, Bridget, “Can Planters,” p. 9, Feb; “Kitty Kibbles,” p. 53, Nov
Quillen, Terry Fox, “Kiva Fireplace and Oven,” p. 56, Aug; “Jumbo Laundry Hamper,” p. 65, Oct
Rashilla, Pam, “Dunham’s Cocoanut Doll House in 1:144 Scale,” p. 56, Jul
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Vick, Pat, “Candles,” p. 62, Jan
Birnberg, Diane, “Ristorante Palermo at Smallsea: A Metropolis in Miniature,” p. 26, May
David, Lynn, “The Cox Building at Kentucky Museum Gateway Center,” p. 40, Aug
Out of the Way Places
“Miniatures at Gemeentemuseum Den Haag,” p. 34, Jan
Shop Talk
Bryant, Ginger, “Ron’s Miniature Shop,” p. 32, Feb
Buchan, Kristopher, “Groton Hobby Shop: Dollhouse Miniatures and Hobbies,” p. 46, M
Koutsouftikis, Lori, “Happily Ever After,” p. 38, Jul
Les Ateliers MenuArt, France Cabana, p. 24, Apr
Lopez, Alicia Guerra, “Shop Talk: Miniaturas Unodoce,” p. 36, Nov
Reese, Dawn, “Dolls and Minis,” p. 44, Sep
Robinson, Lorraine, “Fairy Meadow Miniatures,” p. 42, Jan
Showtime Reports
2011 IGMA Show: Changing of the Guard, p. 28, Jan
Denver Museum of Miniatures Dolls and Toys Annual Show, “Denver Show,” p. 42, Jun
Kaliski, Mary, Chicago International 2012, p. 32, Aug
Philadelphia Miniaturia 2011, p. 39, Mar
Philadelphia Miniaturia 2011, People’s Choice Awards, p. 12, May
Holstrom, Pat, “Sarasota Miniature Festival,” p. 32, May
Submit and be Seen
“A Little Bit of Quarter Scale,” p. 38, Jan
“Cats in the Dollhouse: Part 1,” p. 38, Feb
“Cats in the Dollhouse: Part 2,” p. 38, May
“Man Caves,” p. 42, Dec
“Seasons,” p. 40, Jul
“Winter to Spring Holidays,” p. 24, Mar
“You Did What With That Project?” p. 38, Nov
Through the Looking Glass
Bunny, Bluebirds and Spring Flowers, by Mary McGrath, p. 66, Nov
French Flower Cart, by Michele Carter of Pepperwood Miniatures, p. 66, Sep
Harpo and Groucho, by Natasha Beshenkovsky, p. 66 Apr
Interpretation of Georges Seurat’s Un dimanche après-midi a I’Ile de la Grande Jatte, by Josephine Meyer and Fern Vasi, p. 74, Oct
Italian Apothecary, from the collection of Mini-Time Miniatures Museum, Tucson, Arizona, Feb, p. 114
Le Grenier, by Catherine Soubzmaigne, p. 66, Jan
Mailbox with Flowers, by Sandra Whipple, p. 66, Mar
Mole End in ½-inch Scale, by Jill Castoral, p. 66, Jun
Painted Ladies in 1:144 Scale, by Ginger Landon Siegel, p. 66, May
Setting by Gail Banock, from the collection of Sandy Miller, p. 66, Jul
Steve Jedd Class Project, by Stuart Kleeman, p. 66, Aug
Victorian Tree, p. 66, Dec
Kaliski, Mary, “Nell’s (Corkin) Tips on Working in Small Scales,” p. 28, Dec
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Miniature Collector Magazine Index 2011

Artisan/Collection Stories

Aardema, Barb, “Moving Up, Scaling Down,” p. 44, Feb; “Miniatures from Moscow,” p. 20, July; “All Set & Ready to Go,” p. 34, Feb; “Vertical and Vivid!,” p. 16, Sept; “Elizabeth Hamilton’s Blue Town House,” p. 35, Sept; “Details, Details!,” p. 20, Oct
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“Celebrate the Fourth of July!,” various artists, p. 26, July
“Celebrating Pit Ginsburg,” various artists, p. 34, Dec
“Checker Inn, The,” p. 14, Oct
“Clothing for Display,” p. 10, Mar
“Cleveland Miniaturia Society’s 2010 Exhibits,” various artists, p. 20, Nov
“Club Fanfare Lil’ Bits Miniature Club,” p. 36, Apr
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“IGMA Names 2011 Fellows,” Baker, Rothshank, High, Murphy, Woods, de Vries, p. 28, Sept
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At the Auction
Fabulous Finds, Grimshaw, (Valentine, Jenvey), p. 44, Apr
Terrell Tall Clock and Cooke Chair, Grimshaw, p. 15, Dec
Center Insert
Bulletin Boards; Johnson, Arla, July
Canned Goods c. 1900 to 1928; Bryant, Ginger, May
Envelopes, Brochures & Maps; Bryant, Ginger, Nov
For Your Potting Bench; Johnson, Arla, Apr
Kitchen Decals; David, Jonathon, Oct
Maps from the Past, Sept
Miniature Doors, Mar
Club Fanfare
Albuquerque Mini Makers, p. 49, June
Cleveland Miniaturia Society, p. 46, Dec
Las Vegas Miniature Enthusiasts, Sept
Madison Are Miniature Enthusiasts, Oct
Miniature Mentors of South Charlotte, July
Montana Minis, p. 53, Aug
2011 Philadelphia International Flower Show, p. 42, July
Browne, Holly June, p. 96, Feb
Browne, Holly June, p. 48, May
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Rainbow Hand and Kathy, p. 48, May
Santi, Patrizia, p. 46, June
Shane, Nancy, p. 48, May; p. 44, Aug; p. 42, Jan
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Tipton, Megan, p. 46, Sept
Toy & Miniature Museum of Kansas City, p. 48, Dec
Turpin, Mark, p. 96, Feb
Whitledge, Ray, p. 48, Nov
Heart of Miniatures
Bayer, Lynn, p. 55, Sept
Bryant, Regina, p. 55, May
Clements, Rita, p. 48, Jan
Deters, Carol, p. 70, Oct
Ferris, Marcie, p. 54, July
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Hackett-Morey, Polly, p. 54, Aug
Henry, Sarah, p. 55, Apr
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Regier, Sherrill, “Kit-Bashing Ideas”, p. 43, Nov
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Setzer, Betty, “Many Uses for Throw-aways,”, p. 42, Feb
Smith, Harry, “1” Scale Pilgrim-Era Paneled Cradle,” p. 28, Jan
Kids' Corner
Boxed Ornaments, Nanci Jarvis, p. 62, Dec
Chocolate Dripping Cake & Hershey Bar, Nanci Jarvis, p. 57, Sept
Edible Minis, Terrilynn Quillen, p. 56, June
Hamburger, Hot Dogs & Fries, Christine Verstraete, p. 62, Nov
Landscaping a Castle, Nancy Rhode, p. 57, Aug
Picket Fence Shelf, Nanci Jarvis, p. 57, May
Pudding Box House, Nancy Rhode, p. 62, Jan
Pudding Box House-Bedroom, Nancy Rhode, p. 10, Feb
Pudding Box House-Kitchen, Nancy Rhode, p. 56, Apr
Pudding Box House-Living Room, Nancy Rhode, p. 58, Mar
Sparkling Pink Cake, Nanci Jarvis, p. 79, Oct
Toilet Tube Castle, Nancy Rhode, p. 56, July
Mini Tips N’ Tricks
Deane, Maud, “Real Leaves,” p. 54, May
Hawley, Kathleen, “Repurposed Hair Tools,” p. 54, May
Quillen, Terri, “Garden Pavers,” p. 54, May
Setzer, Betty, “Dishes and Bowls,” p. 54, May
Shop Talk
Crazy4Minis, Weronica Astrom Lohr, p. 28, June
Dollhouses Unlimited, p. 42, Nov
Freda’s Fancy, By the Sea, Marilyn Keurajian, p. 37, Mar
The Dolls House Emporium, p. 32, Feb
Showtime Reports
2010 International Guild of Miniature Artisans Show, p. 28, Mar
Philadelphia Miniaturia 2010, p. 22, May
Texas Miniature Showcase, p. 54, Oct
Tom Bishop Chicago International 2011, p. 32, Aug
Through the Looking Glass
Cardinal, Nuthatch and Chickadee Fence with Cardinals by Mary McGrath, Jan
Charlotte’s Tea Party by Lillian Alberti, July
Framed Quarter-Scale Room by M & E Miniatures, Oct
Gale Elena Bantock Dolls from the collection of Sandy Miller, Nov
Falling Alice by Jo Moore Stewart’s MiniLands Alice Collection, June
House for an Art Lover’s Chair by Kari Bloom, Sept
It’s a Cat’s Christmas by Bridget McCarty, Dec
She’s Only a Bird in a Gilded Cage, collection of Delia Reynolds, Feb
Soul of the Rose by Anna Hardman, Aug
Spring Garden by Mary McGrath, Apr
The Secret Garden by Ginger Landon Siegel, May
There Was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe by Betsey Baker, Mar
Freda’s Tips & Projects, p. 37, Mar
Lighting Tips by Dollhouse Emporium, p. 33, Feb
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Miniature Collector Magazine Index 2010

Artisan/Collection Stories

"The 1929 House," p. 24-27, June
Aardema, Barbara, "The Mini-Time Machine Museum of Miniatures," p. 26-29, Jan; "There's a Mouse in the House," p. 24-26, Apr; "New Life for Hampshire House," p. 36-41, Apr; "Tony's Town," p. 24-25, May; "Philadelphia Flower Show International," p. 20-23, July; "Scary Miniatures," p. 32-33, July; "A 24-Karat Collaboration," p. 34, Sept; "Recognizing the Work of Barbara J. Raheb," p. 39, Nov; "Dollhouse Nostalgia," p. 40-43, Nov; "All the Above," p. 14-19, Dec; "Victorian House from Sri Lanka," (Elizabeth Hamilton), p. 24-26, Dec
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Crisan, Kathie, "All the Above," p. 14-19, Dec
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David, Helen, "Art Nouveau Era," p. 28-33, Nov
Dawes, Dayle, "The Allure of Secret Places," p. 38-41, Aug
"Decorative and Useful," various artists, p. 36-41, Feb
Elder, Clarice, "Save & Stitch," p. 20-27, Feb
"European Antiques to Auction (Hanne Buktas)," p. 31, Jan
Festi, Karen, "Another Downsizing Idea," p. 22-25, Mar
"Friedman Houses," p. 42-43, Jan
Grimshaw, Susan, "Saying Goodbye to the Vickerman Baby House," p. 44-47, Feb; "Shining a Light on History," p. 42-45, Aug
Hamilton, Elizabeth, "Victorian House from Sri Lanka," p. 24, Dec
Hammond, Kim, "A Little House for the Aunts' House," p. 32-35, Mar
Holst, Joan, "The Talents of Tony Jones," p. 34-37, Jan
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"New at the White House," p. 34-35, July
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Wingler, Cat, "The Mistress of Manoir Hypotheque," p. 38-43, Dec
Wold, Jackie, "Whispering Pines," p. 24-25, July

At the Auction
A Hobbies House, Susan Grimshaw, p. 43, Feb
Fabulous Finds (Rugs), Susan Grimshaw, p. 32, Oct
Auction Report
McMasters Harris, p. 10, Nov
Michaan's Auctions, p. 11, Nov
Morphy Auctions, p. 14-15, Sept
Noel Barrett, p. 18-19, Aug
Ron Rhoads Auctioneer, p. 10-11, Mar; p. 12-13, May; p. 12-13, July
Skinner, p. 14-15, Jan; p. 14-15, Feb; p. 16-17, Apr; p. 11, Oct
Stephenson's Auction, p. 9, Oct
Theriault's, p. 14-15, June; p. 12-13, Dec
William J. Jenack Auctioneers, p. 11, Nov
Center Insert
Cutouts from Simpler Times (Hackett-Morey), Dec
Just Cards, Sept
Club Fanfare
CATTS, p. 59, June
Cleveland Miniaturia Society's Halloween in Miniature, p. 38, Nov
Grand Rapids Miniature Society, p. 30-31, Oct
Lakeland Miniature Guild, p. 59, Aug
The Midwest Miniature Guild, p. 52, Feb
Mini Magic of Maine, p. 59, July
The NAME Men's Garden Club, p. 53, Jan
Rampo Mt. Doll and Toy, p. 37, Sept
Toledo Area Miniature Enthusiasts, p. 20, Mar
Another World Miniatures Club, p. 46, Dec
Birnberg, Howard and Diane, p. 44-51, Nov
Browne, Holly June, p. 44-49, Mar
Crowley, Suzanne, p. 44-49, Apr
Earth and Tree Miniatures Shop, p. 58-67, Oct
Guys from Texas, p. 46-51, Sept
Haga, Ichiyoh, p. 44-49, Mar
Hardman, Anna, p. 45, Dec
Herzfeld, Annie, p. 46-51, Aug; p. 44-51, Nov
Howell, Ray, p. 46-51, Sept
Lauson, Judy, p. 44-51, Nov; p. 48, Dec
Lynn, Barbara, p. 44-49, Jan
NAME, p. 42-51, July
Philadelphia Miniaturia, p. 44-49, June
Rubenoff, Elizabeth, p. 44-51, May
Rushton, Tanis, p. 47, Dec
Sanderson, Becky, p. 47, Dec
Santilli, Susan, p. 96-103, Feb
Siegel, Ginger Landon, p. 49, Dec
Thwaite, Sue Ann, p. 47, Dec
Trenary, Lyn, p. 45, Dec
Whitledge-Burgess, p. 44, Dec
Wright Guide Miniatures, p. 46-51, Sept
Heart of Miniatures
Abernathy, Winnie, p. 52, July
Bowen, Rosemary, p. 50-51, Dec
Greenfield, Ruth, p. 52, Aug
Heaton, Kathryn, p. 52-53, June
Henry, Sarah, p. 68, Oct
Hetzer, Pat and Ken, p. 16-17, Feb
Irwin, Stephanie, p. 54-55, Jan
Johnson, Arla, p. 52-53, May
Kira, Carol, p. 52-53, Sept
LeFevre, Mona, p. 50, Apr
Norvell, Yolanda, p. 50-51, Mar
Tipton, Megan, p. 52-53, Nov
Betterley, Robin, "Travel Trailer in 1/2-inch," p. 28-35, June; "Travel Trailer in 1/2-inch Part 2," p. 26-31, July
Bevilacqua, Andy, "The Zen of Soldering," p. 42, Feb
Castro, Alma Luz, "Bridal Gown," p. 27-31, Apr
Gill, Ron, "Beamed Ceiling with Glass," p. 21, Mar
Holstrom, Pat and Castoral, Jill, "Faux Stained Glass Window," p. 29-31, May
Johnson, Arla, "Building with Builders Foam," p. 22-25, Jan; "Scrapbooking in Miniature," p. 32-35, May
Larson-Tamburo, Susan, "Part 1 Home for the Harvest a 1/4-inch Scale Project," p. 22-29, Oct; "Home for the Harvest Part II," p. 34-37, Nov
LePla, Elizabeth, "Create an Undermount Sink in a Modern Kitchen," p. 29, Aug
Morganti, Emily, "Cheap and Easy Fish Scale Shingles," p. 28-29, Feb
Rhode, Nancy, "Make Mini Books," p. 16-17, Oct
Kids' Corner
Baby Bunka, Arla Johnson, p. 54, Sept
Barn Lantern, Betty Setzer, p. 12-13, Feb
Checkerboard, Nancy Rhode, p. 55, July
Christmas Treats, Nanci Jarvis, p. 62, Dec
Crate of Grapes, Holly Burke, p. 62, Nov
Gingerbread House and Santa Nut Bowl, Nancy Jarvis, p. 58-59, Jan
Hand Puppets, Nancy Rhode, p. 52-53, Apr
Picnic Basket, Nancy Rhode, p. 54-55, June
Pumpkins, Kathie Crisan, p. 79, Oct
Puppet Theater, Nancy Rhode, p. 56-57, Mar
Sweets & Treats, Nanci Jarvis, p. 58, May
Wedding Cake, Nanci Jarvis, p. 54-55, Aug
Shop Talk
Jamie's Miniatures, Jamie Lucas, p. 42-43, Apr
Mirabella Miniatures, p. 36-37, Dec
Showtime Reports
NAME 2010 Convention in Seattle, p. 20-25, Nov
Philadelphia Miniaturia, Mary Kaliski, p. 36-43, Mar
Texas Miniature Showcase 2010, Martha Puff, p. 38-41, Sept
Tom Bishop's 2010 Chicago International, p. 32-37, Aug
Through the Looking Glass
3-D Framed Miniature by Ginger Landon Siegel, Apr
Babe by Susan Santilli, Feb
Bird Feeder by Helen Hartzell, Sept
Clowns with Airplane by Maureen Thomas, Mar
Garden Dome by Maureen Thomas, Aug
Kodak Moment from collection of Arlene Taylor, June
Marge Sauter's interpretation of Sandra Rubin's 2007 Guild School Project, July
Stepping Out, collection of Joan Radler, Oct
Still Life with Mirror by Natasha Beshenkovsky, May
Teapot Fairy Dwelling, Sue Ann Thwaite, Nov
Vignette by Gail Morey, Jan
Waterfall Vase by Exceptional! Fairies by Lyn Trenary, collection of Clarice Elder, Dec
Glues to Use, p. 37, Dec
Jamie's Dollhouse Tips, p. 43, Apr
Michael Walton's Woodworking Tips, p. 35, Apr
Needleworking Hints from Clarice Elder, p. 25, Feb
What's Up?
Alice Wins the Day, p. 55, Dec
Atlanta Club Makes Donations, p. 107, Feb
Estate Planning Guide Progressing, p. 69, Oct
Flea Market in May, p. 57, May
Fun Day in Maryland, p. 58, Aug
Guild Opportunities, p. 9, Feb
Guild Study Programs, p. 8, July
IGMA Directory, p. 58, Sept
IGMA Events, p. 10, June
Iulia Wins Best in Show, p. 69, Oct
Mark the Date (NAME National Convention), p. 54, Mar
Mentoring, p. 55, Dec
Midwest Museum Opens, p. 58, Aug
Miniature Cellar Expanding, p. 58, Sept
Minis at Doll Event, p. 61, Nov
NAME Events, p. 80, Oct
NAME House on Historical Tour, p. 9, Mar
NAME National Registration, p. 107, Feb
NAME Opportunity (For the Birds), p. 58, Sept
National NAME Day Project, p. 54, Mar
National NAME Day, p. 10, June
New Artisans, p. 9, Mar
New Rooms at Kentucky Museum (Gateway) p. 58, August
New Shop (Entertrainment Junction), p. 58, Aug
New Shop in Florida, p. 9, Feb
Ohio collection Open to Public (Tebelman), p. 57, May
Old Salem Toy Museum Closed, p. 58, Aug
Palmetto Club May Sale & Fall Winners, p. 107, Feb
Russell Theater at Gateway Museum, p. 8, July
Seeking Tools, p. 58, Sept
Shop Closing (Wee Home Shoppe), p. 55, Dec
Silver Beach Park, p. 57, May
Smallsea Expanding, p. 58, Aug
Spreading the World of Miniatures (PEO), p. 58, Sept
The Scale Cabinetmaker on CD, p. 8, Apr
Twenty Years (My Doll's House), p. 54, July
Two-Fold Mission (San Diego Miniature Crafters), p. 10, June
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Miniature Collector Magazine Index 2009

Artisan/Collection Stories

Aardema, Barbara, "A Successful Estate Sale," p. 43, Jan; "K.C.'s 'Addiction,'" p. 44-49, Feb; "The Humble and the Magnificent," p. 30-33, Mar; "Along the Antiques Trail," p. 34-37, May; "Another World Campground," p. 38-43, May; "Exploring 'The Explorers' Club,'" p. 32-33, July; "Flights of Fancy," p. 36-41, Aug
Anderson, Eve and Olof, "A Labor of Love," p. 12-15, Aug
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Bryant, Ginger, "Project Magic Inspires Shop," p. 28-29, Aug
"Build the Best Biffy Challenge," Contest, p. 41-43, Apr
"Build the Best Biffy Challenge Results," Various Winners, p. 28-35, Dec
Caesar, Anne, "Anne Caesar's Sweets & Suites," p. 16-21, Jan; "Hearth Cooking Project," p. 20-21, Jan
Cardin, Marny, "Grenfell Rugs," p. 22-23, Nov
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Compas, Kris, "Miniatures on a Budget," p. 24-27, Apr
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Culhane, Paddy, "The Evolution of the Egg Carton," p. 18-19, Aug
Dalenius, Eskil, "A Swedish Collection," p. 40-43, July
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Dreyer, Maxine, "Dollhouse Basics," p. 18-21, Oct
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Engler, Lisa, "Laser Pioneer Lisa Engler," p. 24-25, Dec
Ferdinardo, Toni, "Even Unto Death," p. 26, Feb
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Young, Linda, "Glass Houses," p. 16-17, Feb

At the Auction
Grimshaw, Susan - p. 52, May; p. 32, Oct; p. 51, Dec
Auction Report
James Julia Important Toy, Doll & Advertising Auction - p. 18-19, Apr
James Julia June 2009 Advertising, Toy and Doll Auction - p. 12-13, Oct; p. 12, Nov
Morphy Auctions August 2009 Sale - p. 13, Nov
Morphy Auctions Doll & Doll House Sale - p. 14-15, Feb
Morphy Auctions Doll & Doll House Sale - p. 12-13, Mar
Sarah Salisbury Miniatures Collection - p. 14-15, Jan
Theriault's A Nod to the Sisterhood of Dolls - p. 12-13, Dec
Theriault's Come to the Fair - p. 14-15, July
Theriault's Estate Auction of Antique Dolls - p. 16-17, Sept
Theriault's Keeper of the Dolls - p. 14-15, May
Theriault's Let the Little Lambs Play - p. 10-11, Aug
Theriault's Lion in Winter & 300 Friends Antique Doll Auction - p. 12-13, June
Book Reviews
The Circus in Miniature: The Howard Bros. Circus Model, p. 57, Mar
Dolls' House From the V & A Museum of Childhood by Halina Pasierbska, p. 58, July
Dollhouse and Miniature Dolls 1840-1990 by Marcie & Bob Tubbs with Dian Zillner, p. 57, Sept
The Goodman House Museum by Libby Goodman, p. 58, July
Miniature Houses by Ria Odijk, p. 57, Mar
The Miniatures by Kazuko Nakamura, p. 57, Mar
Center Insert
Family Pictures - p. 33, Aug
"Famous" Mini Friends - p. 35, Nov
Magazines to Create Your Dreams - p. 35, Mar
Miniature Collector Covers - p. 33, Sept
Club Fanfare
Cleveland Miniaturia Society - p. 56-57, Oct
Piedmont Carolinas NAME Group - Rachel Bonney, p. 53, May
Redwood Small World Miniatures Club - Carolynn Walden, p. 41-42, Jan
Thursday Night Mini Gals - Judy Mizikar, p. 39, Mar
Wee "C" Miniature Club - Billie Gnodde, p. 35, Aug
Browning, Kaye - p. 52-53, Mar; p. 44-51, July
Byers, Ken - p. 53, Mar
Caesar, Anne - p. 44-51, Jan
David, Helen - p. 62-67, Oct
Eaton, Duree - p. 44-51, Aug
First State Mini Club - p. 51, May
Fischer, Peggy - p. 46, Dec
Gilhooley, Paula - p. 46, Sept
Goddard, Erik - p. 46, May
Godfrey, Eileen - p. 51, May
Greenstein, Judy - p. 98-99, Feb
Haga, Ichiyoh - p. 46-49, Mar
Hampton, Shelly - p. 101, Feb
Hayford, Grace - p. 50, May
Helfman, Illisha - p. 50, Mar
Kolenda, Gudrun - p. 46, Dec
Kummerow, Lew & Barbara - p. 52, Sept
Kupjack, Hank - p. 49, Sept
Landon-Siegel, Ginger - p. 46, Dec
Lauson, Judy - p. 96-97, Feb
Lee, Christine - p. 44, Dec
Lefkowitz, Lee - p. 100, Feb
Meloney, Bluette - p. 47, May
Menges, Joan and Chuck - p. 100-101, Feb
Molenti, Barbara - p. 101, Feb
Nantasy Fantasy - p. 52, Sept
Parris, Susan - p. 46, May
Pierce, Rik - p. 44-45, May
Rule, Katharine - p. 44, Dec
Scheuer, Diane Alice - p. 48-49, May; p. 47, Dec
Sévellec, Ronan-Jim, p. 42, June
Siegel, Ginger Landon - p. 46-51, Apr
Stewart, Jo Moore - p. 44-51, Nov
Tiozzo, Raffaele - p. 51, Mar
Wagner, Joan - p. 48, May
Heart of Miniatures
All Wishes Granted - Sandie Black, p. 54-55, Dec
Bird, Kathleen - p. 37, Mar
Bonney, Rachel - p. 56, Nov
Firehouse Parable - Stan Rosenfeld, p. 52, Jan
In Rebecca's Words - p. 52-53, Apr
Keeping Me Busy - Gilda Rappaport, p. 69, Oct
Mini Gifts - JoAnn Hopkins, p. 54, Aug
My Art Deco Vs. Your Art Deco, 1932 - Jeanne Kipley, p. 57, May
Potter, Mary Ann - p. 106-107, Feb
Ronda's Roombox - Kathy Burd, p. 57, July
Wolf, Marjorie - p. 56, Sept
Age a Clay Pot - Jo Bevilacqua, p. 45, Sept
Constructing Shutters - Eve and Olof Anderson, p. 16, Aug
Costuming III - Cat Wingler, p. 30-35, Jan
Create the Perfect Spice-rubbed Ham - Heddy Worden, p. 23, Dec
Dollhouse Basics - Maxine Dreyer, p. 18-21, Oct
Easily Electrify a "Wire-Wicker" Lamp - Heather Johnson & Sandra Duffee, p. 53, July
Festive Mantel Scarf - Dawn Reese, p. 27, Dec
Hearth Cooking Project - Anne Caesar, p. 20-21, Jan
Hot Dogs, Chips & S'mores! - Mary VanderDussen, p. 32, Sept
Light Your Curio Cabinet - Lori Koutsouftikis, p. 31, Oct
Make a Bobbin Lace Edging - Julia Gross Gloeckner, p. 38-42, Feb
Make a Hobbyhorse - Miniature Cottage, p. 37, Feb
Making Mouse Houses - Cleveland Miniaturia Society, p. 57, Oct
Mexican Kitchen Part One, The - Sheila Millendorf, p. 26-31, May
Painting a Floor Cloth in Miniature - Rosemary Macedonio, p. 45, Apr
Sears & Roebuck Avalon Bungalow in 1/4-inch Scale Part I - Debbie Young, p. 24-30, July
Sears & Roebuck Avalon Bungalow in 1/4-inch Scale Part II - Debbie Young, p. 30-32, Aug
Sears & Roebuck Avalon Bungalow in 1/4-inch Scale Part III - Debbie Young, p. 40-42, Sept
Kids' Corner
Brownies on a Tray & a Cooler - Nanci Jarvis, p. 59, Jan
Burger, Fries and a Drink - Nanci Jarvis, p. 61, Apr
Easel-Style Chalkboard - Pam Rashilla, p. 59, Sept
Easy Candles with Candlesticks - Fran Casselman, p. 59, Nov
Entertainment Crackers - Nanci Jarvis, p. 61, May
Santa Napkin Holder - Nancy Rhode, p. 59, Dec
Standing Fish Tank/Aquarium - Carolyn Eiche, p. 59, July
Trash Cans and Wastepaper Baskets - Bridget McCarty, p. 59, Mar
Tube-Style Birdfeeder - Pam Rashilla, p. 59, Aug
Victorian Bellpull - Pam Rashilla, p. 105, Feb
Victorian Towels and Bath Set - Nanci Jarvis, p. 79, Oct
Mini Tips N' Tricks
Punched-Paper Flowers, Mary Kennerley, p. 9, Dec
Puzzle Pictures, Jewel Guyer, p. 6, Nov
Shop Talk
Chautauqua Miniatures & Dollhouse Gallery - p. 52-53, July
Dolls and Minis - Dawn Reese, p. 26-27, Dec
Larrianne's Small Wonders - Larriane Hilditch, p. 24-25, Sept
Miniature Cellar - Rosemary Macedonio, p. 44-45, Apr
Miniature Cottage - Kate Forrest, p. 36-37, Feb
Showtime Reports
2009 Chicago International - Mary Kaliski, p. 20-27, Aug
Good Same Show - Martha Puff, p. 24-25, Feb
Guild Show - p. 34-39, July
Philly Show - Mary Kaliski, p. 24-29, Mar
Sturbridge Miniatures Festival - p. 28-29, Jan
Texas Miniature Showcase - p. 36-39, Sept
Through the Looking Glass
Chinese Étagère with Art Deco Figurines - Collection of Joan Radler, Oct
Clipper Ship Flying Cloud - John Tseronis, Dec
Duchess - Lillian Alberti of a Li'l Whimsey, Jan
Fortune Teller - Helen Hartzell, Aug
Framed Shadowbox - Christine Lee, Feb
Garden Shed - Collection of Barbara Lynn, July
Gardener's Retirement - Beth Freeman Kane, May
Just Fishin' - Shamon Moore and Cat Wingler, Sept
Lady Peacock - Anna Hardman, Nov
Oriental Arrangement on Yoke Table - Helen David, Mar
Roosting Chickens - Jo Dewane, Apr
Delia's Chandelier Tips - Delia Reynolds, p. 23, Sept
Tips to Share - Elizabeth Rubenoff, p. 27, Oct
Tori's Advice on Animatronics - p. 23, Feb
Wallpaper Tips - Larrianne Hilditch, p. 25, Sept
Wonderful World of Glue, The - Peter Tucker, p. 32-33, May
What's Up?
20 Years and Counting (Little Bits) - p. 53, Dec
30 Years of Shows - p. 68, Oct
American Museum of Miniature Art Miniatures - p. 62, Jan
Arnells' Museum Opening in Summer - p. 62, May
Cairn Cottage to Benefit Pups - p. 57, Apr
Congrats Mini-Time Machine Museum - p. 52, Dec
Guild Schools - p. 13, Feb
Dollhouse Raffle - p. 68, Oct
Dream Houses in Baltimore - p. 57, Sept
Enchanted Village Applications Due - p. 57, Sept
Happy Unicorn - p. 62, Apr
IGMA's 28th Annual School - p. 57, Apr
IGMA & JMAG Exhibits - p. 62, Jan
In the Mainstream - p. 68, Oct
Janicki, Andrew - p. 12, Feb
Japan Miniature Artisans Guild Show - p. 56, Mar
Kaliski, Mary - p. 13, Feb
Make a Name for Yourself - p. 58, Aug
Midwest Museum Doings - p. 58, July
Miniature Cellar, The - p. 62, Jan
Miniature in Tune - p. 12, Feb
Miniatures Only Auction - p. 57, Sept
Miniaturitalia 09 - p. 58, Aug
NAME Awards - p. 53, Dec
NAME Donation Program - p. 57, Apr
National Miniatures Trust Update - p. 52, Dec
New Hours at Smallsea - p. 57, Nov
PJ's Has Moved - p. 58, Aug
Shop Reopens (The Homeplace) - p. 68, Oct
Spiffy NAME Office - p. 57, Nov
Three Contests - p. 58, Aug
Tucker's Roomboxes in Bloomingdales Catalog - p. 52, Dec
Ziemba Dollhouse at National Gallery - p. 62, May
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Miniature Collector Magazine Index 2008

Artisan/Collection Stories

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At the Auction
Tynietoy Colonial Mansion and Lynnfield Furniture - Susan Grimshaw, p. 14-15, Mar
Tynietoy Furniture and Westacre Furniture - Susan Grimshaw, p. 53, Aug
Auction Report
Bertoia Auctions - p. 10-11, Aug
Brunk Auctions - p. 14-15, Jan
Brunk Auctions - p. 14-15, Jun
Morphy Auctions - p. 14-15, Sept
Morphy Auctions - p. 12-13, Oct
Sarah Salisbury Miniatures Collection - p. 16-17, Dec
Theriaults - p. 14-15, Feb
Theriaults - p. 16-17, Apr
Theriaults - p. 14-15, May
Theriaults - p. 14-15, Jul
Theriaults - p. 10-11, Nov
Book Reviews
The Beaded Dollhouse by Nobuyo Chiba, p. 64, Jan
Center Insert
Beauty Product Labels - Mary Kaliski, Jul
Fashions from 1893 - Mary Kaliski, Feb
Club Fanfare
Four Corners Miniatures Club - p. 39, Aug
Garden State NAME Club - Mary Kaliski, p. 42-43, Apr
Little Bits of Brandon - p. 11, Mar
Madison Avenue Miniaturists Club - Hilda Miller, p. 41, Feb
Miniature Enthusiasts of Ottawa - MEO - p. 38, Nov
Miniature Enthusiasts of Winnipeg - p. 11, Mar
The Palmetto Miniature Club - Marie Bird, p. 31, Jun
Aliano, Lori, p. 46-51, Sept
Byers, Ken, p. 64, Oct
Carrington, James, p. 43, Jan
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Tabacco, Cathy, p. 46-47, Jun
Whitledge-Burgess, p. 44-49, Aug
Wright Guide Miniatures, p. 62, 65-66, Oct
Young, Linda, p. 46, Jan
Heart of Miniatures
Authentically Aussie - Jacqueline Leamey, p. 59, Jan
Bayer, Linda - p. 50-51, Aug
Carol and Saray - Carol Deime, p. 56, Mar
Gram and Grandpa's House - Delores Mouhlas, p. 52-53, Jun
Kim, Marilyn - p. 52-53, Sept
Le Fleur Du Parfum - Sylvia Cunningham, p. 68-69, Oct
Living with a Miniatures Artist or 'Honey...Where's the Cheese Grater?" - Andy
Bevilacqua, p. 106, Feb
Love Grows - Betsey Baker, p. 50-53, May
Maurer, Maurine - p. 52, Nov
Rice, Maxine - p. 52-53, Jul
Ruth and Megan - Ruth Frank, p. 56, Mar
White House Christmas Card Roombox - Fran Casselman, p. 52-53, Dec
Contemporary Chair - Mary Lou Nancken, p. 26-27, Feb
Craft a Cobweb - Piper, p. 42-43, May
Craft Store Punches Make Delphiniums, Irises and Camellias - Paula Gilhooley &
Arlene Finkelstein, p. 22-23, Jan
Craft Store Punches Make Sunflowers, Primroses, Parrot Tulips and
Dogwood - Paula Gilhooley & Arlene Finkelstein, p. 20-21, May
Creating Crackle Windows - Lori Koutsouftikis, p. 29, May
Dressing Ellie - Viola Williams, p. 34-37, Jan
Easy Marble Floor - Bridget McCarty, p. 31, Oct
The Family Picnic - Joann Swanson, p. 26-33, Aug
The Family Picnic Part 2 - Joann Swanson, p. 30-36, Sept
For That Professional Finish - Donna Granato, p. 39, Jul
Let the Masquerade Begin - Joann Swanson, p. 32-35, Nov
Magasin de Fleur & Boutique de Cadeaux - Joann Swanson, p. 16-23, Mar
Magasin de Fleur Interior - Joann Swanson, p. 26-33, Apr
Make a Cabriole Leg Table - Jeff Dente, p. 24-25, Aug
Make a Hat for Ellie - Viola Williams, p. 22-23, Jun
Make a Modern Apartment - Peter Tucker, p. 22-27, May
Make a Modern Apartment Part 2 - Peter Tucker, p. 32-35, Jun
Make a Woodworker's Chisel - Linda Master, p. 36-37, Feb
Merry, Merry Month of May, The - Joann Swanson, p. 34-35, May
Kids' Corner
1950s Style Poodle Bag & Beret - Joanne Halbert and Joann Swanson, p. 61, Sept
Jack-in-the-Boxes & Blocks - Nancy Rhode, p. 79, Oct
No-sew Log Cabin Quilt - Nancy Rhode, p. 61, Dec
Pleated Shade - Sandy Wertz, p. 61, Mar
Scotty Dog Bookends - Joanne Halbert, p. 61, Jun
Shrinky Plates and Clocks - Martha Sims, p. 52-53, Jan
Slippers - Jo Bevilacqua, p. 61, May
Sunbonnet - Jo Bevilacqua, p. 61, Jul
Valentine Box with Candies - Jo Bevilacqua, p. 105, Feb
Wagon with Blocks - Allison Young, p. 61, Nov
Watermelon Place Mat and Napkins - Nancy Rhode, p. 61, Apr
Windsocks - Nancy Rhode, p. 61, Aug
Shop Talk
Bits 'N Pieces of Ghent - p. 44-45, Sept
Dollhouse Cottage - p. 38-39, Dec
Happily Ever After - Lori Koutsouftikis, p. 28-29, May
Ms. Peggie's Place - Ann Collins, p. 38-39, Jan
My Doll House - Donna Granato, p. 38-39, Jul
Showtime Reports
Chicago International - Mary Kaliski, p. 22-29, Sept
Cleveland Botanical Garden Flower Show - Rosemary Macedonio, p. 32-33, Jan
Good Sam Show 2007 - Barbara Jones & Martha Puff, p. 44-47, Mar
IGMA Show 2008 - Mary Kaliski, p. 24-29, Jul
Philadelphia Show - Mary Kaliski, p. 24- 29, Jun
Texas Miniature Showcase - p. 30-31, Dec
Through the Looking Glass
Apricot Lady - Elisa Fenoglio, Jul
Bridal Couple by Kathi Kuti - Holly's Follies Museum Collection, May
Clown - Ellen Poitras, Sept
Froggies Go a'Courtin' - Carol Spence, Aug
I'm Ready for My Close-up, Mr. DeMille - James Carrington, Jan
Kitchen Hutch - Collection of Raffaele Tiozzo, Feb
Laundry Room - Bonnie Gallagher, Jun
Madison Avenue Attic - Sandy Bair, Mar
Peter Rabbit's House - Maureen Thomas, Apr
Pheasants - Mary McGrath, Oct
Sidewalks of New York, 1910 to 2008 - Natasha Beshenkovsky, Nov
Sophisticated Fowl - Annie Willis, courtesy of Tiny Doll House, Dec
If you Build a Dollhouse - Freddy Ewell, p. 45, Sept
Kit Modification Tips - Ms. Peggie's Place, p. 39, Jan
Researching Replicas - Allison Ashby & Steve Jedd, p. 21, Apr
Wallpaper Tip - Sandi Bender, p. 39, Dec
What's Up?
Brooke and Donna - p. 63, May
Chelsea Lane - p. 81, Oct
Connie Sauve - p. 62, Dec
Denver Show Winner - p. 57, Apr
Dollhouse Cottage Winning Displays - p. 62, Nov
Dollhouse Murders-The Book - p. 63, Jun
Growing NAME Membership - p. 12, Feb
Guild Study Program - p. 62, Nov
Honora Bird Gallery - Nell Corkin, p. 81, Oct
IGMA Anniversary Drawing - p. 62, Jul
IGMA Updates - p. 57, Apr
Japanese Miniature in Carmel - p. 12, Feb
Join the Club - p. 63, Jan
Joint Venture - Bespaq and Aztec, p. 62, Dec
Mott to the Military - p. 63, May
NAME Incentives - p. 63, Jan
NAME National and AOH - p. 63, Jan
National Miniatures Trust Museum - p. 63, Jun
Neapolitan Folk Art - p. 62, Dec
New Museum, The Great American Dollhouse Museum - p. 62, Aug
New Ownership for the Daisy House - p. 63, Jun
New Promoter - Ligaori, p. 13, Feb
Pricey Dollhouse - Cindy and Gerry Mann, p. 62, Dec
Scholarship Deadline - NAME, p. 63, Jan
Store Closing - ACS Emporium, p. 63, Jan
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Miniature Collector Magazine Index 2007

Artisan/Collection Stories

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Book Reviews
Lesley's Miniature Knitting on DVD, p. 49, Aug
Miniature Books 4,000 Years of Tiny Treasures by Anne Bromer & Julian Edison, p. 49, Aug
Center Insert
Architectural Drawings - Jul
Bridge, Anyone? - Mary Kaliski, Oct
Cards for Many Seasons - Apr
Dance Cards - Aug
Dreaming of Gardens - Mar
NAME and Travel Stickers - June
Old Book Covers - Shirley Whitworth, Sept
Paper Dolls - Mary Kaliski, Dec
Ron's Garage - Deb Stenholm, May
Spread the Word (old ads for typewriters, telegrams, etc.) - Jan
Tinctures and Tonics - Nov
Club Fanfare
Daytona Idea Miniature Enthusiasts - Jan Geno & Norma Boehm, p. 66, Oct
Flatirons Miniatures Club - Ginnie Ross, p. 48, Nov
Midstate Minimakers of Illinois - Sara Patterson, p. 37, May
Mini But Mighty - Candy Brugeman, p. 52-53, Sept
Mini Dreamers of Pinole - Diane Walter, p. 37, Jun
Our Little Mini Club - p. 42, Dec
Retreat Into Miniatures - Barbara Engel, p. 41, Jan
Three Rivers Miniature Club's Ronald McDonald House - Ann Keogh, p. 56, Apr
Unfinished Kits Club - Kathy Zoucha, p. 58, Jul
We Enjoy Small Things Club - Beth Grabau, p. 37, Aug
Westmoreland Miniature Society - Elizabeth Dillon, p. 48-49, Feb
Asian, African, Irish and Art Deco Settings - p. 44-49, Mar
David, Helen - p. 94-99, Feb 06; p. 42-47, Aug
Exciting Exhibits - Philadelphia Miniaturia, p. 44-51, May
Fisher, Nancye & Tom - p. 46-51, Sept
Holly's Follies Museum - p. 46-51, Jan
Shane, Nancy - p. 96-101, Feb
Smith, Arline - p. 38-45, June
Stewart, Kathleen - p. 50-55, Apr
Heart of Miniatures
A House for All Seasons - Jami Wheelock, p. 64, Jan
Bonita Brings Smiles - Bridget McCarty, p. 68, Oct
Bridget's Cottage - Sandra Banks, p. 54, Aug
Love of Pottery - Anne McKenna and Donna Koning, p. 55, May
Miniature Travels - Stan Neuenschwander, p. 54-55, Mar
My Summer Family Cottage - Thomas Williams, p. 54-55, Jun
Schoolhouse of Memories - Sharon Frazier, p. 53, Jul
She Makes House Calls! - Susan Wallace, p. 66-67, Apr
Summer Surprise - April Sansom, p. 54, Dec
Their First Apartment - Janet Patacca, p. 54, Nov
A Dolls' House Journal - Claire Globensky, p. 33, Feb
Delectable Breakfast Meat Tray - Heddy Worden, p. 17, Oct
Faux Stone Garden Spring - Ana Felipe, p. 26-29, Oct
Felted Wool Pillow - Patricia Richards, p. 23, Feb
Festoon and Jabot Window Treatment - Mary Lou Nancken, p. 22-23, Mar
From Coop to Garden Shed Part 1 - Ron and April Gill, p. 14-17, Jun
From Coop to Garden Shed Part II - Ron and April Gill, p. 28-31, Jul
From Coop to Garden Shed Part III - Ron and April Gill, p. 30-34, Aug
Geraniums for the Flower Box - Shirley Tague, p. 34, Aug
How to Transfer Rug Patterns - Roberta Brodlie, p. 34-35, Feb
Landscape Your 1/24-scale Treehouse - Betsie Treurnicht, p. 22-23, May
Make 1:12-scale Irish Soda Bread - Betsy Niederer, p. 21, May
Make a 1/24-Scale Treehouse Part 1 - Betsie Treurnicht, p. 34-38, Apr
Make a Dust-Free Dollhouse - Vincent Margiotta, p. 33, Jan
Old Leather Books - Shirley Whitworth, p. 34-37, Sept
Painting a Ginger Jar - Ina Williams, p. 34, Jun
Reverse Painting Technique - Ron Mummert, p. 51, Mar
Story of Nieces and Nephew - Peggy Matulewicz, p. 107-107, Feb
Toy Train - Hila Rosenberg, p. 33, Sept
Kids' Corner
A Child's Bed - Rich Knapfel, p. 63, Sept
Birthday Card Room - Martha Sims, p. 60-61, Mar
Bookends & Books for Child's Room - Joanne Kelsall, p. 61, May
Christmas Ornaments - Nancy Rhose & Pat Melvin, p. 63, Nov
Decorating Easter Eggs - Barbara Schmidt, p. 69, Apr
Donkey Piñata - Barbara Schmidt, p. 60, Aug
Lamb Pull Toy - Nancy Rhode, p. 62, Jul
Lollipops, Candy Canes & Santa - Nancy Rhode and Pat Melvin, p. 61, Dec
Make a Mummy - Fay Zerbolio, p. 79, Oct
Potholder, Oven Mitt & Apron - Nancy Rhode, p. 67, Jan
Spatula, Pacifier and Belt - Sandy Wertz, p. 61, Jun
Valentine Table - Martha Sims, p. 109, Feb
Mini Tips N' Tricks
A Helpful Hint - Laura Jennine Jacobs, p. 60, May
Adapters as Bulbs - Betty Setzer, p. 49, Jun
All-purpose Hanger - Terri Quillen, p. 60, May
Bar Towel Rack - Terri Quillen, p. 60, May
Bunka - Mary Kennerly, p. 71, Jan
Magazine/Newspaper Rack - Terri Quillen, p. 60, May
Shop Talk
Miniature Designs - Beverly Simon, p. 32-33, Nov
Pastime Hobbies & Miniatures - Vincent Margiotta, p. 32-33, Jan
Wee Dollhouse Shoppe - Jinny Nash, p. 50-51, Mar
Showtime Reports
Best Foot Forward at Philadelphia Miniaturia - Mary Kaliski, p. 38-43, May
Chicago International 2007 - p. 20-27, Aug
Good Sam Showcase of Miniatures - Barbara Jones, p. 38-41, Mar
IGMA Show 2007 - p. 26-29, Jun
Tell Me A Story (NAME) - p. 40-41, Feb
Texas Miniature Showcase - p. 22-23, Nov
Through the Looking Glass
Antiqued Cupboard, China and Kitties - Georgia Matuschak, Lori Ann Potts and Jackie Transue, Mar
Bride - Anna Hardman, Jun
For a Lucky Little Girl - Lilli Ann Hamilton, Jul
Good Night - Gudrun Kolenda, Feb
Madame Chan's Garden - Richard & Jodi Creager, Collection of Moonyeen Moller, Oct
Murder on the Silver Screen - Natasha Beshenkovsky, Nov
New York Door - Diane Echnoz Almeyda and Gary Goodman, Jan
Puff Daddy - Holly's Follies Museum, May
Santa - Helen Hartzell, Collection of Holly's Follies Museum, Dec
Sleeping Beauty - Regalia, Apr
Strasburg, Alsace Plate Shop - Williamson Walton Marble, Aug
Warm Weather Chef - Glenda Hooker, Collection of Karen Ettinger, Sept
Bidding Tips - Susan Grimshaw, p. 31, Jan
Canvas and Airbrush Tips - Sylvia Carson, p. 41, Nov
Dollmaking Tips - Sharon Cariola, p. 45, Apr
Glue, Stain and Sanding Tips - Beverly Simon, p. 33, Nov
Modelroom Methods - Robert Dawson, p. 23, Sept
Ron's Tips for Making Minis 'Real' - Ron Hubble, p. 29, Mar
Sanding Tips - Don Vanderpot, p. 25, Jul
Tips on Aging with a Thin Wash - April Gill, p. 45, Jan
What's Up?
Architecture from a Mini Point of View - p. 65, Nov
Brooke, Post Miniatures - Brooke Tucker, p. 64, Oct
Childcare Council of Westchester Fundraiser - p. 49, Jun
Dansey's Hobbies - New Address, p. 65, Nov
Gills Curate New Museum - April and Ron Gill, p. 63, Aug
Guild News - IGMA, p. 63, Aug
Guild Study Program - p. 65, Oct
Jewels in the House - Kevin Mulvany & Susan Rogers, p. 65, Sept
Mel Prescott Award - Pat Bauder, p. 65, Sept
Mini Made Maxi - Nancy Quinby, p. 49, Jun
Mini-Tonga Scion - p. 49, Jun
Miniatures Month Contest - Bev Simon, p. 64, Oct
Model-Making Workshop - Seattle Architecture Foundation, p. 65, Jul
Moving Toward Movement - p. 65, Oct
New Philly Director - Pat Bauder, p. 46, Feb
Small Scale Collaboration - Suzanne & Andrew and The Betterleys, p. 63, Dec
Suzanne Crowley's Book - p. 64, Oct
Sybil Harp - p. 63, Aug
Tee Ridder Miniatures Museum - p. 64, Oct
TSC is Back - Dorsett Publications, p. 63, Aug
Update on Stephan Barrientos - p. 65, Nov
Where's Betty Valentine - p. 63, Aug
Winner of Lee's Line Display - p. 65, Nov
Workshops at the Denver Museum - p. 65, Jul
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Ask Dougless by Dougless Strickland Bitler
Armor – p. 8, Dec
Baby House vs. Doll’s House or Dollhouse – p. 8-9, May
Black & White Flooring – p. 8, Oct
Blue Willow – p. 13, Jan
Bric-a-Brac – p. 11, Apr
Calico Fabrics – p. 8-9, Dec
Casters & Cruets – p. 12-13, Nov
Cattle Horn Furniture – p. 11, Feb
Chinese Blue and White – p. 11, Apr
Clarichord – p. 10, Aug
Cranberry Glass – p. 11, Feb
Cream or Milk Pitcher – p. 10, Aug
Epergnes – p. 10-11, Jul
Federal Period – p. 10, Aug
Framed Silhouettes – p. 10, Feb
Gingerbread Houses – p. 8-9, Dec
Grandmother Clock – p. 11, Apr
Horsehair – p. 10, Feb
Lady's Companion – p. 10, Feb
Michaelangelo’s David – p. 8, Oct
Most Interesting Question Asked – p. 10, Aug
Question Asked More Often – p. 10, Jun
Sandwich Glass – p. 11, Apr
Stoneware – p. 10, Feb
Tiffany Glass – p.8, Mar
Toddy Table – p. 11, Apr
Toile – p. 10, Jun
Toy Store – p. 8, Oct
Wallpaper – p. 11, Sept
Window Shades – p. 8, Oct
Book Reviews
Dollhouse & Furniture Advertising 1880s-1980s by Dian Zillner, p. 45, Mar
Green Dollhouse: Creating a Doll's Eye View of a Healthier World, p. 45, Mar
Mini Knits for the 1/12 Scale Dolls' House by Linda Spratley, p. 45, Mar
Center Insert
1895-96 Paper Dolls – Mary Kaliski, Sept
20th Century Sheet Music – Oct
Advertising Cards, Posters & Books – Aug
Art Supplements to the Boston Sunday Globe – Jul
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Magazines – Nov
Deb’s Diner – May
Gothic Window Pattern – Dec
Greetings from Kingston – Jun
Sears and Roebuck Pattern Envelopes – Mar
Stock Your Shelves – Feb
Vintage Hat Posters – Apr

Club Fanfare
August Area Miniature Enthusiasts – Katrina Bailey, p. 44-45, Aug
Central Coast NAME Club – Desiree Figg, p. 37, Nov
Milwaukee Miniatures Club – Barbara Engel, p. 22-23, Sept
Miniatures Unlimited – Patricia Rowland, p. 44-45, Feb
Tri-City Miniature Makers of Saginaw – Betty Claus, p. 55, Oct
Balazs, Pat – p. 58-63, Oct
David, Helen – p. 94-99, Feb
Haga, Ichiyoh – p. 38-43, Jul
Haskell, Jane – p. 38-43, Aug
Meehan, Ann – p. 50-59, Mar
NAME – p. 48-55, Apr
NAME – p. 42-49, May
Shane, Nancy – p. 38-47, Nov
Whitledge-Burgess – p. 50-57, Jan
Various Artists – p. 46-51, Dec
Heart of Miniatures
A Dutch Canal House for Mary – Kathi Bird, p. 48-49, Sept
A Lifelong Hobby – Ann Frizzi, p. 106-107, Feb
A Midsummer Night's Bath – Caroline Oster, p. 73, Mar
Auralea’s English Cottage – Auralea Krieger, p. 50-51, Aug
Book Builders (Koebel, Emily) – Barbara Aardema, p. 44-45, Jul
Crafting with our Nieces and Nephew – Peggy Matulewicz, p. 48-49, Jun
Dedicated to Miniatures – Pat Pring, p. 64-65, Dec
Generations of Miniatures Enthusiasts – April Peebles, p. 54, May
Tara's Palace in the Sky – Cheryl Ann Goveia, p. 68-69, Jan
The Dream of My Life – Shelli Taub, p. 72-73, Oct
Trees for Charity – Judy Mizikar, p. 54-55, Nov
Tying Miniatures to Education – Anthony & Susan Morelli, p. 64-65, Apr
Birthday Cake Project – Judy Mizikar, p. 49, Feb
Burned-Down Candle (Van Horn, Ericka) – Martha Puff, p. 45, Apr
Curve and Stain Wood, Create Ground Cover, Make a Tree Trunk – Ann
Freeland, p. 17, May
Easy Method Wainscoting – Debbie McManus, p. 29, Jul
Faux Stone or Plaster Finishing – Nancy Holoway, p. 47, Apr
Flower Box Project – Lori Koutsouftikis, p. 29, Jun
High Tea at Balmoral Part II – Cat Wingler, p. 28-33, Jan
Hourglass (Van Horn, Ericka) – Martha Puff, p. 41-42, Apr
Japanese Bridal Wig – Alma Luz Castro, p. 24-29, Dec
Landscape Your Turf – Karen Riedener, p. 18-19, Oct
Make a Gothic Window – Karin Corbin, p. 38-40, Dec
Make a Half-Circle Shawl – Sue Resseguie, p. 30-33, Mar
Make a Japanese Bridal Robe – Alma Luz Castro, p. 26-29, Nov
Make a Purse from a Binder Clip – Gayle Harrison Pompa, p. 31, May
Making Your Own Books – Emily Morganti, p. 29, Oct
Merry Widow Bustier – Barbara Botway, p. 37, Sept
Miniature Eggery 101 – Jeanie Glomb, p. 35, Jan
Orrery (Van Horn, Ericka) – Martha Puff, p. 43-45, Apr
Silk, Hand-painted Lingerie – Mzia Dsamia, p. 23, Jul
Kids' Corner
Animals, Pillow & Rug for Fashion Doll Scale Dollhouse – Mary Kaliski, p. 77, Mar
Armor – Carole Baranowicz, p. 59, May
Barrel Birdhouse – Jo Bevilacqua, p. 61, Sept
Bear and Snowman Ornaments – Nancy Rhode and Pat Melvin, p. 69, Dec
Bottle Brush Christmas Tree – Ellie Arnould-Tomb, p. 49, Nov
Candlesticks and Compote – Mary Wrenn, p. 75, Oct
Flashlight, Clipboard & Pen – Carol Baranowicz, p. 47, Feb
Gazing Ball – Jo Bevilacqua, p. 67, Apr
Picnic Table – Kathy Centracchio, p. 49, Jul
Seeded Window Glass – Judy Reichert, p. 58, Jun
Teen Room Accessories – Terrilynn Quillen, p. 72-73, Jan
Toy Airplane – Ana Felipe, p. 57, Aug
Panel of Experts
Encouraging Words – p. 22-24, Jan
Shop Talk
Forever Friends – Ruth Dubois, p. 36-37, Mar
Grandma's Dollhouses – Annette Ostran, p. 48-49, Jan
Happily Ever After – Lori Koutsouftikis, p. 28-29, Jun
Just Miniature Scale – Judy Mizikar, p. 48-49, Feb
Lucy’s Doll House – Lucy Morgan, p. 44-45, Dec
Lynlott Miniatures – Debbie McManus, p. 28-29, Jul
Nancy's Dollhouses & Miniatures – Nancy Holoway, p. 46-47, Apr
Through the Keyhole – Laurel Bowen (Gayle Harrison Pompa), p. 30-31, May
Showtime Reports
Autumn Miniatura – (Muriel & Andy Hopwood), p. 38-39, Mar
Fun at the Gateway Show – Fay Zerbolio, p. 56-57, Oct
International Craftsmen at the London Dolls House Fair – Nick and Esther
Forder, p. 32-34, May
Philadelphia Miniaturia – Mary Kaliski, p. 34-37, Apr
Show & Tell in Chicago – Barbara Aardema, p. 28-34, Sept
Through the Looking Glass
Antique Bird Cage – Judy Greenstein, Feb
Bad Economy – Scott Hughes, Jul
Caged Bears – Judy Greenstein Collection, Sept
Elise – Carabosse Dolls, Mar
Ikebana Display – Helen Cottrell, Apr
Market Cart – Stephen LaRocco, May
Nativity Triptych – Natasha Beshenkovsky, Dec
Old Shed, The – Jo Dewane, Nov
Russian Ice Princess – Holly's Follies Museum, Jan
Side Table Presentation – Henny Staring-Egberts, Aug
Washing Day – Gabriela DiCarlo, Oct
Wedding Cake Table – Jane Haskell, Jun
Draping Tips – Renee DeLaney, p. 27, Jan
Suspending Belief – Karin Corbin, p. 37, Dec
Tips on Miniaturizing Prints – Emily Morganti, p. 28-29, Oct
Wallpaper Tips – Ruth Dubois, p. 37, Mar
What's Up?
Circus is in Town Exhibit – Denver Museum of Miniatures, p. 46, Feb
Colombian House on Display – Hancock Historical Museum, p. 45, Mar
Dee’s Delights Under New Ownership – p. 48, Nov
England Miniatures Tour – Molly Cromwell, p. 46, Feb
Kruger Collection Online – p. 45, Mar
Museum of Miniature Houses – p. 71, Dec
Needlework Competition Rescheduled – GMNA, p. 57, Sept
Raffle for Charity – Marie Wendt, p. 48, Nov
Under New Ownership – Northeastern Scale Lumber, p. 57, Sept ?
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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Miniatures by Janet Wilson, p. 66, May 04
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Center Insert
19th-Century Prints - Feb 05
A Nostalgic Pastime - Mary Kaliski, Aug 04
Bag It! - Deb Stenholm, Nov 03
Certificates for Memorable Moments - May 05
Children in Advertisements - Aug 05
Collect Some Collectors - Apr 05
Delineator - Mary Kaliski, Dec 03
Door Knocker and Birdhouse Projects - Sandy Leopold, Apr 03
First Sleigh Ride, The - Mary Kaliski, Mar 05
General Store - June 04
Give Books for Christmas - Dec 04
Godey's Fashions - Nov 05
Golden Age of Travel Luggage Labels - Mary Kaliski, Jan 04
Halloween Table Set and Scarecrow Planter - Sandy Leopold, Oct 03
Indian Summer Potting Shed - Cat Wingler, Mar 03
Keeping Track of Time - Jan 05
Let's Go Shopping - Deb Stenholm, Feb 03
Lettie Lane Paper Doll - Mar 04
Make Removable 1-Inch Scale Clothing - Catriona Hall, June 03
Mini Maps - July 04
Pet Supplies - Deb Stenholm, Feb 04
Postcards for All Occasions - Mary Kaliski & Mary Lou Nancken, May 03
Posters to Frame - June 05
Scraggs the Scarecrow - Shirley Dougan, Sept 03
Titanic Remembered - Mary Kaliski, Apr 04
Tom Tierney's Royal Paper Dolls - Tom Tierney, Nov 04
Tynietoy Nantucket Cottage - Susan Grimshaw, Aug 03
Vintage Ads - Jan 03
Visiting Card Etiquette - Mary Kaliski, July 03
Wish You Were Here - July 05
Club Fanfare
Capital Area Tiny Treasures - Jane Coffey, p. 64-65, June 04
Columbus Miniature Society - Kris Dunlap, p. 51, Oct 05
Creations' In Miniature Club - Kristyn Start, p. 65, Mar 03
Delta Kappa Gamma Society International - Carol Dyson & Andrea Bauer, p. 52-53, Aug 05
Dreamhouse Miniatures Club - Patricia Brown, p. 58-59, Jan 04
Friends Thru Miniatures - Lynne Ellis, p. 45, July 04
Gainesville Miniatures Guild - Gwen Stiles, p. 62-63, Dec 04
Gulf Coast Miniature Club - Rhonda J. King, p. 55, Oct 03
Inch by Inch Miniature Club - Anita Myers, p. 65, July 03
Lakeland Miniatures Guild - Judy Rynearson, p. 94-95, Feb 05
Long Island Mini-Makers - Sandy Wertz, p. 48-49, Nov 05
Madison Area Miniature Enthusiasts - Nancy Woudstra, p. 60-61, Sept 05
Mini Friends - Andrea Blodgett, p. 62-63, May 04
Mini-Game - Rhonda Keef, p. 45, Nov 03
Miniature Society of Cincinnati - p. 60-63, Mar 04
Miniature World of Central Florida - Linda White, p. 64, Aug 04
Minis of N.E. PA - Marilyn Littleford, p. 42, Nov 04
Mt. Vernon Miniatures Club - Laurie Sisson, p. 66-67, June 03
Naples Miniaturists Club - Nancy Haslam-Holaway, p. 76, Aug 03
Omaha/Council Bluffs Miniature Guild - Edna Perkins, p. 72-73, May 03
Raleigh Miniatures Guild - p. 62-63, June 05
Redwood Empire Mini-Acs - Cary Yerves, p. 62-63, Sept 03
Richmond Miniature Club - Emma Holliday, p. 75, Apr 03
Small Wonders of Cary, North Carolina - Terry Scott, p. 62-63, Jan 03
South Dade Miniature Club - Anita Ezelle, p. 85, Feb 03
Stone Creek Elementary Miniatures Club - Marjorie Pasch, p. 51, Oct 04
Toledo Area Miniature Enthusiasts - Laury Cryan, p. 62-63, Apr 05
Ann Meehan - p. 56-63, June 04
Anne Timpson - p. 54-61, Jan 03
Bebe Ventura - p. 48-57, June 05
Brooke Tucker - p. 88-93, Feb 04; p. 54-59, Dec 04
Bruce Museum - p. 48-55, Mar 04
Bunny Iris - p. 56-65, June 03
Cathy Tabacco - p. 50-55, Nov 05
DuRee Eaton - p. 46-53, Jan 05
Marilyn Gochberg - p. 54-61, Nov 03
Guys from Texas - p. 54-57, Aug 05
IGMA Boxes - p. 52-59, July 03
Jack Kuresman - p. 96-101, Feb 05
Jo Bevilacqua - p. 54-59, Dec 05
Karen Ettinger - p. 86-91, Feb 03
Kitchens - p. 66-71, Aug 03
Bill Lankford - p. 58-59, Aug 05
Lee Lefkowitz - p. 54-63, May 05
Shannon Moore - p. 60-61, Aug 05
Margaret Robinson - p. 54-59, Mar 03
Mary Lou Nancken - p. 58-63, May 03
Susan Santilli - p. 52-57, Mar 05
Charles Tebelman - p. 58-63, Oct 05
Ray Whitledge & Scott Burgess - p. 56-61, Apr 05
Various Artists - p. 56-63, Apr 03
Various Artists - p. 54-61, Sept 03
Various Artists - p. 58-65, Oct 03
Various Artists - p. 50-55, Jan 04
Various Artists - p. 60-67, Apr 04
Various Artists - p. 52-59, May 04
Various Artists - p. 58-63, July 04
Various Artists - p. 50-58, Aug 04
Various Artists - p. 54-57, Nov 04
Various Artists - p. 46-51, July 05
Various Artists - p. 52-59, Sept 05
Heart of Miniatures
A Dream Come True in Miniature - Frederick von Roth, p. 72-73, Jan 05
A Pleasure and a Release - Bari Levy, p. 72-73, Sept 05
Academy of Music - Lee Monaco-FitzGerald, p. 72-73, Dec 04
Allan to the Rescue - Cecile Cooper, p. 72-73, Oct 04
An Edwardian Dream - Elizabeth Brown, p. 72-73, Nov 04
Biography of Miniatures - Sara Botts, p. 72-73, Oct 03
Bobbie's Miniature Additions - Bobbie Workman, p. 72-73, June 04
Cha Cha's Miniatures - Maureen Donahue Johnson, p. 96-97, Feb 03
Duplicating a Doctor's Office - Stan Rosenfeld, p. 72-73, Apr 05
Emma's Miniature Obsession - Emma Holliday, p. 72-73, Sept 03
First Place Surprise - Betty Setzer, p. 68, Dec 05
Flyin' High into Miniatures - Lynne Greene Routley, p. 72-73, July 04
For the Love of Frank - Dorothy Simke, p. 72-73, Nov 03
Girl's Day in Japan - Patricia Paul, p. 72-73, Aug 04
Grandmother, Mother and Daughter - Gale Johnson, p. 72-73, June 03
In a Modern Mood - Annie Herzfeld, p. 72-73, May 04
Many Mini Adventures - Maud Deane, p. 72-73, Mar 03
Many Years of Minis - Anne Ritter, p. 72-73, Apr 03
Married to the Miniaturist - Mark Polott, p. 80-81, Aug 03
Mary Mag-Powr Magic Dollhouse - Jeanette Hall, p. 64-65, Sept 04
Miniature Reminiscence - Elizabeth Dillon, p. 72-73, July 03
Miniatures: A Form of Therapy - Hollis Oulds, p. 74-75, Apr 04
Miniatures From Christmas Past to Christmas Present - Elizabeth Dennis, p. 72-73, Mar 05
Miniatures Story - James Sandefur, p. 98-99, Feb 04
Miniatures to Masterpieces - Sharyn Sacher, p. 72-73, Jan 04
My Tudor Dollhouse - Julie Forte Solleder, p. 72-73, 80, May 05
One Down, Two To Go - Pam Weyenberg, p. 106-107, Feb 05
Quality Time - Ann Hodgman, p. 64-65, Nov 05
Rocky's Last Masterpiece - Anna Cipriano, p. 70-71, Oct 05
Story - Donna Jacques, p. 72-73, Aug 05
Story - Dorothy Prochnow, p. 60-61, July 05
Story - Lou Thorsby, p. 72-73, June 05
Succah, the Festival of the Tabernacles - Mary Kaliski, p. 70-71, May 03
Teapot Vignette - Dianne Redman, p. 72-73, Jan 03
Television Cabinets: A Recycled Love - Margaret O'Boyle, p. 72, Mar 04
The Bell - Elke Skinner, p. 72-73, Dec 03
1:12 Scale Alice in Wonderland Tea Cozy - Althea Merback, p. 26-29, Apr 04
Barcelona Market Projects - Betsy Silverman, p. 52-53, Dec 03
Basic Hat Instructions - Martha Porteous, p. 21, Feb 05
Bearded Irises - Michele Carter, p. 40-42, June 05
Bricks on a Budget - Robert Morgenstern, p. 38-41, Mar 04
Bubbles in Bread; Clay Flowers - Shimako Hoshino, p. 35, May 04
Build a Norwegian Cradle - Dureen Ruff, p. 28-29, Oct 03
Build an Elegant Easel - Michele Carter, p. 20-23, Jan 05
Chartwell Sofa - Barbara Warner, p. 44-46, Feb 05
Decorative Covered Box - Lynn Whisenant, p. 51, June 04
Door Knocker and Birdhouse Projects - Sandy Leopold, p. 42-43, Apr 03
Easy Cross-Stitch Runner - Gerry Perron, p. 22, Feb 03
Easy-to-Make Tiffany Lamp - Dave Julian, p. 40-41, Apr 04
English Paper Piecing Method - Cindy Mattingly, p. 28, Jan 03
Floral for Corner Chair - Annelle Ferguson, p. 26, May 04
Grandmother's Fan Quilt Block Pillow - Donna Pappas, p. 29, Jan 03
High Tea at Balmoral Part I - Cat Wingler, p. 36-41, Dec 05
Indian Summer Potting Shed - Cat Wingler, p. 42-47, Mar 03
Indian Wallhanging - Lucy Iducovich, p. 25, May 04
Irish Chain Quilt - Mary Lou Nancken, p. 32-34, Oct 03
Leather Slip-on Loafers - Elle Piccolo, p. 33, Apr 04
Make a Miniature Guiro - Bonnie Gibson, p. 18-19, Sept 03
Make a Tabletop Miniature Lathe - Robert Morgenstern, p. 40-42, Nov 03
Make Glazed Tile - Shannon Moore, p. 36-37, May 03
Make Removable 1-Inch Scale Clothing - Catriona Hall, p. 42-47, June 03
Map Case, Dispatch Box and Candle Box - Mary Lou Nancken, p. 40-42, July 04
Needlepoint a Pillow - Diane Bogos, p. 28-29, Feb 04
Neglected Plants in 1-inch Scale - Joanne Dewane, p. 25, July 05
Penelope Mouse's Enchanted Garden - Linda Farris, p. 52-53, Mar 03
Petit Point Purse - Bobbie Schoonmaker, p. 28-29, May 04
Power Tool Precision - Bruce Steinke, p. 28-29, Feb 05
Pull-Down Attic Stairs - Caroline Simpson, p. 29-31, July 04
Punch Needle Rug - Nancy Wantiez, p. 55, Oct 05
Quarter-Inch Scale Tulip House - Sue Herber, p. 36-39, Nov 04
Quarter-scale 1880s Store - Kathy Moore, p. 43-47, Sept 05
Quick Lampshade Redo - Dollhouse Cottage, p. 53, Dec 05
Realistic, Sturdy Sinks and Tubs Project - Ted Roubal, p. 34, Oct 05
Scraggs the Scarecrow - Shirley Dougan, p. 40-43, Sept 03
Seasonal Dome - Sassy Sisters, p. 60-61, Mar 05
Shabby Chic Plate Shelf - Shellie Kazan, p. 49, Jan 04
Small Trinket Box - Mary Grady O'Brien, p. 27, Jan 05
Spanish Tiles - April Gill, p. 21, Feb 03
Stairs Patchwork Quilt - Mary Lou Nancken, p. 38, July 05
Tabletop Veneering - June Clinkscales, p. 17, July 05
Tatted Window Curtain - Ligia Durstenfeld, p. 26-27, Mar 03
Three-stage Snowman - Margene Crossan & Marge Glendinning, p. 36-39, Mar 05
Trick-or-Treater How-To - Elinor Hare, p. 41, Nov 04
Twig Furniture - Mary Lou Nancken, p. 30-31, Mar 04
Twig Single Bed - Mary Lou Nancken, p. 46-47, May 03
Tynietoy Nantucket Cottage - Susan Grimshaw, p. 38-51, Aug 03
Kids' Corner
Back-to-School Backpack - Cheryl Miller, p. 75, Oct 04
Bed, Dresser, Night Stand & Tissue Box - Pat Vick, p. 62-63, Mar 05
Cottage Loaves of Bread - Kymie Cooksey, p. 67, July 05
Cross-stitch a Small Pillow - Annelle Ferguson, p. 66-67, Nov 05
Finger Puppets - Mary Kaliski, p. 64, Aug 05
Funky Teen Suite - Terri Quillen, p. 64-65, Sept 05
Miniature Picture Frames - Caroline Simpson, p. 45, June 05
Miniature Robin's Nest - Caroline Simpson, p. 73, Oct 05
Miniature Toy Range - Terri Quillen, p. 59, Jan 05
Mom's Secret Garden - Carol Dyson & Andrea Bauer, p. 64-65, May 05
Oranges & Grapefruits - Caroline Simpson, p. 65, Apr 05
Some Trashy Ideas - Pat Vick, p. 73, Dec 05
Window Shade with Valance - Judy Reichert, p. 64, Nov 04
Winter Hat & Scarf - Judy Mizikar, p. 49, Feb 05
Wreath & Swag - Mary Kaliski, p. 75, Dec 04
Mini Tips N' Tricks
Barkdust - Carolyn Marnon, p. 71, Nov 03
Cake Stand - Betty Setzer, p. 6, June 05
Candles - Betty Setzer, p. 62, Sept 04
Carpet Padding - Terri Quillen, p. 64, May 04
Chicken - Sara Jenson, p. 6, July 04
Christmas Decorating Made Easy - Terri Quillen, p. 70, Jan 04
Christmas Garland Applications - Terri Quillen, p. 6, Jan 05
Christmas Trees - Betty Setzer, p. 73, Mar 04
Country-Style Candelabra - Terri Quillen, p. 6, June 05
Covers of Mini Books - Fran Casselman, p. 68, Dec 03
Dyed Candlewicks - Doris M. Smith, p. 74, Aug 03
Frosted Glass - Terri Quillen, p. 80, Apr 04
Garden Scenes - Terri Quillen, p. 71, July 04
Glass & Pottery Bowls - Elizabeth Redman, p. 68, July 03
Handy Worktable - Maud Deane, p. 6, Feb 04
Instant Miniatures - Terri Quillen, p. 71, Sept 04
Lampshades - Ginny Hittenrauch, p. 6, May 05
Large Windows - Elizabeth Redman, p. 71, June 04
Mini Acrylic Domes - Terri Quillen, p. 67, June 05
Mini Eye Wear - Terri Quillen, p. 6, June 03
Mini Handles - Ronda Sharlette, p. 69, May 03
Mini Window Blinds - Terri Quillen, p. 75, Nov 03
Modern Landscaping Drains - Terri Quillen, p. 53, July 05
Murals and Paintings - Terri Quillen, p. 9, Aug 04
Nail Art - Terri Quillen, p. 59, Sept 04
No-Cost Scroll Saw Adaptation - Robert Morgenstern, p. 67, June 04
No Cost Strop - Bob Morgenstern, p. 6, Jan 05
No More Rollaways - Doris Smith, p. 59, Nov 04
Outdoor Themed Roomboxes - Terri Quillen, p. 71, July 04
Ponytail Holder - Rachel Stampe, p. 68, May 03
Punch Art Squares - Terri Quillen, p. 67, Sept 03
Shelves - Betty Setzer, p. 4, Feb 05
Signs - Betty Setzer, p. 79, Aug 03
Simple Bar Stool - Terri Quillen, p. 11, Sept 05
Snap Closures - Terri Quillen, p. 71, Aug 04
Spaghetti - Sara Jenson, p. 81, June 04
Stained Glass Wall Mirrors - Ginny Hittenrauch, p. 75, May 05
Street Lamps - Terri Quillen, p. 13, June 03
Tiny Totes from Tape - Terri Quillen, p. 11, Sept 04
T.V. Screens - Terri Quillen, p. 6, July 04
Upholstered Furniture - Terri Quillen, p. 71, May 04
Wood Staining - Terri Quillen, p. 79, Aug 04
Panel of Experts
Advice on Best Paint to use - p. 40-42, June 04
Advice on Clay, Draping and Tools - p. 40-42, Aug 04
Advice on Electrification - p. 40-43, Dec 04
Advice on Surface Prep - p. 10-12, Apr 04
Advice on Wallpaper and Glue - p. 46-49, Nov 04
Early in Our Careers - p. 22-25, May 05
Gets Down and Dirty - p. 48-51, Sept 05
Meet the 2005 Experts Panel - p. 32-35, Mar 05
Use Everyday Products - p. 41-43, July 05
What "Wood" You Like to Know? - p. 43-45, Dec 05
Shop Talk
AC's Emporium - Gail Asay, p. 51, Aug 05
Dollhouse Cottage - Barbara Squier, p. 52-53, Dec 05
Dollhouse Dreams & Miniature Wishes - Deborah Perry, p. 50-52, May 05
Elegant Dollhouse Features the Sassy Sisters - Natalie Woods Andrews & Rose Mayes Woods, p. 60-61, Mar 05
Karlene's Dollhouses - Karlene Chancellor, p. 56-57, Oct 03
Kellogg's Dolls' Houses - Sonia Kellogg, p. 38-39, Apr 05
Miniatures From the Attic - Cheryl Miller, p 56-57, July 04
My Doll's House - Roger and Marj DeKoster, p. 46-47, Feb 04
Old Post Miniatures - Mary Ann Iaccino, p. 60-61, Jan 05
Pixie Enterprises - Elinor Hare, p. 40-41, Nov 04
Ron's Miniature Shop - Ron Mummert, p. 46-49, July 03
Shellie's Miniature Mania - Shellie Kazan, p. 48-49, Jan 04
Thee Teeny Weeny Miniature Cottage - Beverly Clark, p. 60-61, Dec 03
Treasures by Paula K - Paula Kalkbrenner, p. 52-53, Jan 03
Showtime Reports
2005 Chicago International Show - Mary Kaliski, p. 34-39, Sept 05
Arnhem Poppenhuisstad - Rika van Nellestijn, p. 48-51, June 03
Birmingham Miniatura - Molly Cromwell, p. 45, Feb 04
Chicago International 2003 - p. 60-65, Aug 03
Good Sam Show - Barbara Jones & Martha Puff, p. 42-43, Feb 05
Greater Southern California Miniature Fair - Eve Karoblis-Mabe, p. 48-50, Nov 03
Guild Showcase 2003 - Mary Kaliski, p. 48-53, Sept 03
Gulf South Miniature & Dollhouse Event - Tracey Eldridge, p. 36-37, Aug 05
IGMA Show Back in the City - p. 56-57, Oct 05
Mayfest 2005 - LaNita Cornwall, p. 26-29, Nov 05
NAME 2003 - p. 46-49, Dec 03
NAME 2004 - p. 32-35, Dec 04
New York International 2004 - Mary Kaliski, p. 50-51, Mar 05
New York, New York - Mary Kaliski, p. 32-35, Jan 04
Philadelphia Miniaturia 2003 The Cat's Pajamas - Mary Kaliski, p. 50-55, Apr 04
Philadelphia Miniaturia 2004 - Mary Kaliski, p. 52-55, Apr 05
Putting on the Dog 2002 - Mary Kaliski, p. 28-35, Mar 03
South Florida Miniatures Show - p. 50-51, July 03
Three Blind Mice Show - Dee Hacker, p. 54-57, May 03
Three Blind Mice Show - Dee Hacker, p. 36-39, May 04
Three Blind Mice Show - Dee Hacker, p. 38-39, May 05
Tom Bishop Chicago International 2004 - p. 44-49, Sept 04
Tom Bishop International Fine Miniature Arts Show 2002 - Mary Kaliski, p. 46-47, Jan 03
Tom Bishop 2003 Greater London Show - p. 46-47, Mar 04
Westchester Miniature Fair - Mary Kaliski, p. 54-55, Apr 03
World of Mini Mania 25th Anniversary - Mary Kaliski, p. 67, July 04
Through the Looking Glass
Acquisto Silver on Hodgson Cabinet - Pete Acquisto & John Hodgson, Feb 04
Adoration of the Magi - Johannes Landman, Nov 05
Andalusia - Bluette Meloney, Mar 04
Artistic Table Display - Whitledge Associates, Nov 03
Birdhouses in Summer - Mary McGrath & Linda Young, Apr 05
Brooms & Fans - Jodi and Richard Creager, July 05
Canning Day - Charles Tebelman, June 04
Cocktail Time - Joan Radler, May 03
Crossing the Steppes - Carolyn Nygren Curran, Sept 03
Fagin - James Carrington, Jan 05
Framed Victorian Parlor and Boudoir - Karen Gibbs, Mar 03
Framed Victorian Vignette - Sally Manwell, Feb 03
Girl with a Pearl Earring - Jane Davies, Nov 04
Hutch with Stoneware - Jane Graber & Hank & Eleanor Taylor, Aug 03
Italian Garden Gate - Peggy Fisher, Sept 04
Le Calvet - Ichiyoh Haga, July 04
Night Snow at Kambara - Isabella Gallaon-Aoki, Dec 03
Pheasants and Fence Post - Beth Freeman-Kane, Oct 05
Planting the Pansies - Kathi Kuti, Jan 04
Pottery Display - Jane Graber, Nov 05
Pump with Bluebirds - Mary McGrath, Oct 03
Reapers, after the work of Jules Breton - Jeff Wilkerson, Aug 05
Repose - Lori Ann Potts, Sept 05
Roosevelt Display Cabinet - Mark Murphy & Mary McGrath, Feb 05
Shirley's Stove - Prunella Pinwhistle, Dec 04
Stained Glass Shower - Sharon Sipma-Hammell, June 05
Stella's Soapbox Racer - Kit Cropper, Mar 05
Still Life with Peaches - Natasha Beshenkovsky, Jan 03
Three-Dimensional Painting - Natasha Beshenkovsky, May 04
Tropical Doublet - Michele Carter, Apr 04
Venetian Display - Susan Santilli, May 05
Vivian Leigh as Scarlett O'Hara - Jeff Wilkerson, Jill Brooks, Aug 04
Winding Staircase - Paul Moore, Apr 03
Window from Corsica in 1-inch Scale - Williamson Walton Marble, July 03
Wine Box Display of Farm Tools - Faith & Tom Rogers, June 03
A Few General Tips - Ken Byers, p. 41, Jan 04
Ann's Tips on Collecting Antiques - Ann Meehan, p. 23, Feb 04
Brian's Advice - Brian Long, p. 23, Dec 04
Chuck's Tips - Chuck Tumlinson, p. 23, June 05
Design Basics for Miniatures - Lilli Ann Hamilton, p. 36, Aug 03
Helpful Hints for Assembling Your Dollhouse Kit - Deborah Perry, p. 51-52, May 05
Helpful Hints for Wooden Shingles - Ned Kellogg, p. 39, Apr 05
Hinging Your Miniature Doors: A Gremlin's Delight - Ken Byers, p. 39-41, Jan 04
Lighting Tips from Ted - Ted Roubal, p. 34, Oct 05
Mark's Tips - Mark Turpin, p. 17, Jan 04
My Favorite Tools - Hanna Kahl-Hyland, p. 25, Oct 05
Painting and Sculpting Tips - Chris Okubo, p. 23, July 04
Photo Tips from Tom - Tom Troszak, p. 23, Oct 03
Replacements and Transformers - Ray Storey, p. 25, Nov 05
Replication - Paula & Leo Kalkbrenner, p. 53, Jan 03
Ten Tips from Cindy - Cindy Gates, p. 31, Nov 04
Tips - Susan Santilli, p. 21, Mar 05
Tips - Margene Crossan, p. 39, Mar 05
Tips - Maud Deane, p. 36, Apr 05
Tips and Hints (Eliminating & Filling Openings) - Laura Fencil, p. 61, Dec 03
Tips on Aging - Susan Harmon, p. 29, Aug 05
Tips on Building a Figure - Janys Frazier, p. 35, May 05
Tips on Building from Kits, Scratch, Roomboxes, Remodels and Custom-Built Dollhouses - Roger DeKoster, p. 47, Feb 04
Tips on Carriage Wheel Building - Mike Duncan, p. 53, Nov 04
Tips on Laying Tiles - Nancy Froseth, p. 55, Aug 04
Tips on Measuring - Peter Tucker, p. 41, Aug 05
Tom's Tips - Tom Roberts, p. 53, Apr 03
Tools & Tips - Glenda Hooker, p. 29, June 05
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Miniature Collector Magazine Index 2000-2002

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MINIATURE COLLECTOR - 25 Years of Stories, (Anniversary) Aug 01
MISS HITTY'S JOURNAL, Jan 00, Feb 00, Mar 00, Apr 00
MOORE, PAT, "A Letter to Share," Nov 02
MORAN, MARITZA, "Dreamy Designs," Dec 00
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American Museum of Miniature Arts, Apr 01
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Angela's Miniature World, Nov 02
Asian Splendor at Schultz is in Stitches, Dec 01
Cranberry Cottage, Sept 01
Debbie's Doll House, Debbie Marton, Aug 02
Earth & Tree, Apr 00
Jeepers Miniatures, Judy Reichert, Mar 02
Lolly's Miniatures & Dollhouses, Lolly Wasmond, May 02
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Miniatures From the Attic, May 01
Ms. Peggie's Place, Apr 01
Once Upon a Time, Lynne Stierman, Sept 02
Pearson's Stained Glass and Miniatures, Dec 01
Scale Model Hobby Center, July 01
The Dollhouse, Betty Marshall, June 02
The Little Shoppe, June 01
Think Small by Rosebud, Inc., Mar 01
Tiny Heirlooms, Dec 02
Topez Miniatures and Glass, Inc., Nov 01
The Wee Dollhouse Shoppe, Oct 02
2000 Guild Show, Sept 00
2000 Tom Bishop Chicago International Show, Aug. 00
Ann Weiner World of Mini Mania Show, Aug 00
Beautiful Small World Fair in Geisen, Germany by Ursula Driskell, Apr 02
Chicago International 2001, Aug 01
Chicago Show Highlights 1999, Jan 00
Crystal Winner & Guild Fellows 2000, Sept 00
Excitement in the Air at Chicago International 2002, Aug 02
Greater London Miniatures Fair 2000, Aug 00
Guild Celebrates Sleepy Hollow, Oct 01
Gulf South Miniature Show, Nov 02
Having Fun at NAME 2000, Dec 00
IGMA 1999, Mar 00
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IGMA Fellows 2001, Sept 01
IGMA Show 2002, Oct 02
International Doll Exhibition by Lynn Sommer, June 02
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Let's Go Shopping by Chris Johnson, June/July 00
New Kind of Show, June 01
Opening the Season with Tours and Miniatures (Cromwell show), May 00
Philadelphia 2000, Mar 01
Philadelphia Flower Show Miniatures by Robert Freeman, July 02
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Philly for All Ages, May 01
Philly 1999, Apr 00
Puttin' on the Ritz in Philadelphia, Mar 02
Seattle Dollhouse Miniature Show, Sept 02
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Rotter, Rochelle, Hand-sewn Victorian Bed, Nov 01
Trenary, Lyn, Where the Story Really Ends, Oct 01
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Amorini, March 98
Antique French Ivory, April 99
Antique Furniture, April 98
Antiques, Jan/Feb 98
Art Furniture, Aug 99
Authentic Toys, July/Aug 97
Bedstaff, Oct 97
Biedermeier Furniture, July/Aug 98
Bookcase desk w/ Locker Fittings, March 99
Bookends, Nov 99
Britannia Metal, March 99
Bubble, Aug 99
Bureau Plat, Jan/Feb 99
Candle Nozzles, Jan/Feb 98
Caned Chair Backs, Jan/Feb 97
Charger/Service Plate, May/June 97
Chess, July/Aug 97
Chinese Screen, March 98, p. 73
Correct Victorian Dates, Jan/Feb 97
Cranberry Glass, Oct 99
Crystal Palace, The, Oct 97
Cyma Curve, Oct 98
David Brinkley Dollhouse, Oct 97
Dessert Service, March 98
Door Knocker, Oct 99
Doorstops, Nov/Dec 97
Dressing Dolls, Nov/Dec 98
End of Day Glass, Jan/Feb 98
Faience, Majolica & Delft, April 97
Hutchtable, Sept 97
Inglenook, Jan/Feb 99
Ironstone China, May/June 98
Jade, May/June 98
Japanning, Nov/Dec 97
Library Case, April 97
Lion Period, Nov/Dec 97
Log House & Log Cabin, April 99
Majolica Dishes, June 99
Martha Washington Lolling Chair, Oct 97
Mary Gregory Glass, Aug 99
Mexican Chippendale, Jan/Feb 99
Nail & Screws, April 99
New England Cabinetmakers, Oct 98
Nonsuch Chest, April 98
Obsidian, April 99
Oil Paintings, March 99
Paper Knife, Oct 99
Patination, May/June 98
Period Furnishings, Sept 99
Pine Kas, June 99
Plastic Furnishings, June 99
Punch Table, Aug 99
Quimper, July/Aug 97
Sewing Scene, April 98
Shrank or Shronk, March 99
Silverare, Proper Terminology, Nov 99
Silverwood, Sept 97
Singeries, c. 1750, Jan/Feb 97
Skating Boots, Sept 99
Strained (Canopy Top), July/Aug 98
Victorian Bathrooms, March 97
Wallpaper, July/Aug 98
Water Craft, Jan/Feb 98
Wedgewood's Jasperware, June 99
Williamsburg Colors, March 97
Winged Wardrobe, May/June 98
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A Victorian Millenery Shop - Carilyn Teichman, Sept 99
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An Arbor That's a Natural - Sandy Searles, May/June 1997
Angels & Cupids - Polly Hackett-Morey, March 1998
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Botanicals for Your Dollhouse - Karen Ettinger, Nov/Dec 1998
Build a Wall Fountain With Running Water - Sandy Searles, July/Aug 1998
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A Non-Electric Fireplace Fire, Jan/Feb 98
A Realistic Sink, Oct 97
Brown Bag It, Sept 98
Cocklebur Cactus, April 99
Cocktail Forks Make Elegant Construction Components, Nov 99
Coupon Ads For Dollhouse Accessories, Nov/Dec 98
Dollhouse Mixing Spoons, May/June 98
Easy Cedar Siding and Shingles, April 99
Easy Stuffed Olives, Nov/Dec 98
Faux Weathered Wood, Oct 99
Flowerpots, Jan/Feb 97
Handy Gluing Tool, April 97
Info at Your Fingertips, Oct 98
Landscaping Dirt, Jan/Feb 97
Lincrusta Ceilings, Nov/Dec 97
Make an Outdoor Clothesline, Jan/Feb 98
Mini Ottomans and Footstools, June 99
Mini Trash Cans, Nov/Dec 98
Mini Uses for Metal Repair Tape, Jan/Feb 98
Napkin Ring Holder, June 99
Polymer Clays & Parchment Paper, Oct 97
Simple Boudoir Chair, Oct 98
Stepping Stones & Lamp Bases, July/Aug 97
Stone Accents, July/Aug 97
Tassels & Wax Candles, March 97
Toothpicks to Pencils, April 99
Tricks with Sponge, Nov/Dec 98
Versatile Sequins, May/June 98
Victorian Gingerbread, April 99
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A Dollhouse for San Antonio's Ronald McDonald House, Oct 99
A Unique Approach, Jan/Feb 98
Angel's Attic De-Acquisition Sale, July/Aug 97
Angel's Attic De-Acquisition Sale, July/Aug 98
Angel's Attic De-Acquisition Sale, June 99
Australian Miniaturists Form National Organization, April 97
Book Nook, April 98
Book Shop, March 99
Book Shop, April 99
Changes for Chicago International 2000
Charter Membership to New Museum Offered, March 97
Construction Begins at American Museum of the Miniature Arts, June 99
Copyright Permission, July/Aug 98
David Warther II Carvings Celebrating 5th Anniversary, Jan/Feb 99
Delaware Toy & Miniature Museum Offers World-Class Collection, Oct 97
Denver Museum of Miniature, Dolls and Toys Exhibit at DIA Airport, Jan/Feb 99
Dollhouse & Miniatures Month Celebrations at Ron's Miniature Shop, Oct 99
Dolls House Holidays, Jan/Feb 97
E-Z Search, July/Aug 97
Family Free Days at Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls & Toys, Nov/Dec 98
First MIAA Miniatures Festival a Success, April 99
Fundraising Records Broken, Nov 99
Grace Smith's Graceful Natives, Nov/Dec 97
Guild Offers Study Programs, Jan/Feb 97
Guild Study Program at the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts, April 97
IGMA 20th Anniversary Tour of Private Collections, March 99
IGMA Study Programs, Sept 97
James Hastrich Reproductions, Oct 98
Jane Conneen's Mini Books, July/Aug 97
Keeping Those Museums Clean, Jan/Feb 99
Lord Jim Celebrates 25 Years, April 97
Midwest Miniature Museum Fund-Raiser, March 99
Miniature Arts Challenge, Jan/Feb 99
Miniature Collector's Sail of a Lifetime, May/June 97
Miniature Mayfest Auction, May/June 97
Miniaturist Back to College, March 98
Mount Vernon in Miniature, Nov/Dec 97
NAME Hosts First Patron Party, Jan/Feb 99
National Teachers Hall of Fame Contest, March 99
New Acquisitions at MOM, July/Aug 97
New Business Guide Series, March 98
New Home for Mott's Miniatures, July/Aug 97
New Location for Fantasy Craft Miniatures, May/June 97
New Location for East Coast Shows, Oct 99
New York Toy Stories a Permanent Exhibit, May/June 98
Now Available: The Best of the Scale Cabinetmaker, Nov/Dec 97
The One Room School in Miniature, April 98
Riddles & Riches and Miniatures, Jan/Feb 98
Ronald McDonald House Gets a Dollhouse, April 99
Schultz is in Stitches 1999 Habitat for Humanity House, Sept 99
Shop News, Sept 97
Shop News, Jan/Feb 98
Shop News, May/June 98
Shop News, Nov/Dec 98
Tours Planned, May/June 97
Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity Raffle, Sept 98
The Vatican, July/Aug 98
Whitledge Roomboxes for Sale, March 98
Win a David Krupick Toy Shoppe, Nov 99
World's Largest Dream House Fund-raiser, May/June 98
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Miniature Collector Magazine Index 1993-1996

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ACKERMAN, EVELYN, "All Aboard! Playskool’s Pullman," Nov 1996
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18th Century Parlor Stoves, J/A 94
Alarm Clocks, Mar/Apr 96
Antique Cabinet, Spring 94
Antique Dollhouse, M/J 95
Arm-Bow, Jan/Feb 96
Art for Williamsburg-type House, M/J 94
Art Nouveau and Art Deco, S/O 94
Arts & Crafts Furniture Kits, Dec. 96
Aubergine, Winter 93
Audubon Bird Prints, Fall 93
Bachelor's Chest, Spring 94
Backscreen, Sept. 96
Bast, J/F 96
Bathroom Plumbing, Spring 93
Beau Brummel, Fall 93
Bibelots, Winter 93
Blue Willow, Jan/F 95
Butterfly Collection Chippendale, Dec. 96
Cabinet Wars, Spring 93
California Craftsman Bungalow, Sept. 96
Candlestick Phone, July/Aug. 94
Chinese Export Silver, J/F 96, p. 9
Collecting Ideas, Nov./Dec. 95
Colonial Ceramic and Pewter Tankards, Winter 93
Contemporary, What's New, J/A 94
Counterpanes, Nov/Dec 95
Cradle Hoots, Nov/Dec 94
Daguerreotype, Winter 93
Dalmatian Dogs and Late Colonial, Nov 96
Dearest Necklace, Jan/Feb 95
Domino Paper, May/June 95
Dresser set for the 30s, May/June 95
Duncan Phyfe--Colonial or Victorian, Sept/Oct 94
Egyptian Sphinxes, Spring 93
Electric Stoves, Winter 93
Farthingale Chair, Mar/Apr 96
Federal Paintings, Spring 93
Federal vs. Colonial, Spring 93
French Provincial Bonnetiers, Spring 94
Furniture on Wheels, July/Aug 95
Gess, Mar/Apr 95
Glass Fronted Doors, Sept/Oct 95
Glass Paperweights, Sept/Oct 95
Glazed Chintz, Mar/Apr 96
Ince and Mayhew, Dec 96
Interior Designing, Nov/Dec 94
International Reply Coupon, May/June 94
Jackfield Rotters, Mar/Apr 96
Japanese Oak, May/June 95
Joe Chair, Dec 96
Late Victorian table setting, Nov 96
Milk Glass, July/Aug 96
Moving/Pedestal Bookstands, May/June 95
Mule Chest, Nov/Dec 95
Nebraska Marble, July/Aug 96
Newel Post, Jan/Feb 95
Old Masters Religious Paintings, Spring 93
Old West medicines, July/Aug 96
Oriental Furniture, July/Aug 94
Painting & Decorating furniture, Mar/Apr 95
Pair of Tables, Mar/Apr 95
Patent Medicines, Old Fashioned
Pillow ticking, Mar/Apr 96
Painted Domes on Victorian Houses, Nov/Dec 94
Portland Vase, Oct 96
Queen Anne Chairs, Summer 93
Queen Anne, Chippendale, Hepplewhite, Sharaton differences, Sept/Oct 94
Refrigerator vs. Icebox, Fall 93
Sandpaper pictures, July/Aug 96
Sandwich Glass, Spring 94
Screen doors, May/June 94
Serving Sugar, Spring 94
Silver Shakers, July/Aug 94
Spittoons, Sept/Oct 95
Stirrup Cup, Fall 93
Tassie Gems, Oct 96
Unanswered Questions, Mar/Apr 95
Victorian Kitchens, Summer 93
Wampum, Jan/Feb 95
Where to Begin, May/June 94
White gloves, Jan/Feb 96
Willow Pattern, Summer 93
Window Seats, July/Aug 95
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"Chairs Part II--Tudor England (1485-1603): The Roots of the North American Home," July/Aug 1995
"Chairs Part III--Early Colonial (1607-1699)," Sept/Oct 1995
"Chairs Part IV--The Wonderful World of Windsors," Nov/Dec 1995
"Chairs Part V: Late Colonial (1700-1776) Queen Ann and Chippendale," Jan/Feb 1996
"Chairs Part VI: Classical Federal Furniture," Mar/Apr 1996
"Chairs Part VII: Empire," May/June 1996
"Chairs Part VIII: Mid-Victorian," July/Aug 1996
"Chairs Part IX: Late Victorian," Sept 1996
"Chairs Part X: Twentieth Century through WWII," Oct 1996
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