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Soft Dolls & Animals Cover

Soft Dolls & Animals! magazine is the perfect companion for people who love to make or collect cloth dolls, teddy bears, or animals.

Each bimonthly issue contains how-to projects for all levels of skill, techniques on topics such as pattern drafting and needle-sculpting, profiles on some of the world's most recognized fabric-craft artists, plus a full-size pullout pattern section. Regular features include Inspirations! Gallery featuring one-of-a-kind cloth dolls and animals, a comprehensive club listing in Join the Club, a Show Calendar listing of events in your area, and Products & Services introducing the latest tools for the trade. Question and answer columnist Mimi Winer rounds it off with expert information on all your cloth doll and teddy bear making questions. Let Soft Dolls & Animals! magazine help make creating your cloth doll or animal fun and easy!


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